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Why an Electric Scooter Is a Must Have for the Summer

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Vacation Essentials

Summer is soon upon us, and if you haven’t started booking road trips and vacations yet, it’s never too late. 

As you’re thinking about what you’ll need to survive – (and enjoy!) – those trips abroad, camping adventures, boating excursions, or what-have-you, consider all the reasons you might want (and need!) an electric ride to get around. 

Electric scooters, especially, can be the perfect accompaniment for a summer getaway. 

They fold up to save space and, unlike bikes, can generally fit in the trunk of a car (leave the bike rack at home), or in the cargo space of an SUV without crowding out everything else. 

Scooters can be charged from another vehicle with power inverters or an external generator. (They can even be charged with solar panels.) 

Electric scooters get you outside, and out of cars, buses, and other enclosed spaces. In the last few years they've become one of the most efficient ways to cover short distances, especially during the summer, the perfect season for scooter riding.

Scooters encourage exploring out-of-the-way places where other vehicles don’t travel, and allow you to cover much more ground in a day than walking tours. 

And while biking can be great, you don’t always want to work up a sweat while on vacation. Electric scooters are fast and fun, and they won’t ever make you pedal. 

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Staycation All You Ever Wanted?

Maybe this is the year you stay home, grill out, relax, stay in, chill out…. 

This could also be the summer to stop driving so much. 

Replacing short car trips with a scooter not only saves money in a time of rising fuel prices but also saves wear and tear on your vehicle and decreases carbon emissions. 

Research shows that most of the time we get in our cars, we travel under three miles.

Picking kids up from school on a scooter won't work. But most other daily errands are a lot more economical, and fun, with an electric scooter.

You might already be a fan of shared electric scooters, but you may not know that owning your own scooters is actually cheaper in the long run, especially since you can ride as often and as far as you want without incurring additional charges after your upfront costs.

Scooters have much lower maintenance costs than cars, or even bicycles, because they have so many fewer parts, so wear and tear is much less of an issue over time. They're perfect for daily commutes and summer evenings on the town.

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Road Tripping 

Electric scooters are generally not allowed on airplanes, but you can -- and should! -- toss one into the back of a van and hit the road.

The roadtrip has changed dramatically over the last 100 years – from local byways to interstate highways to now, when exploring small cities and towns is fun and easy with electric vehicles. 

Pull into a major city, park on the outskirts, and add electric scooters to public transport to hit all the major sites in one day. 

When you own your own scooter instead of renting one, you can plan an itinerary without worrying whether or not there’ll be shared scooters available at different destinations. 

If you’re road tripping to the beach, electric scooters are a smooth ride from your hotel or rental house to the boardwalk. (And it's easy to ride one in flip flops!)

Just make sure that wherever you go, you secure your scooter with a proper lock.

camping ground with tents at night


Many electric scooters are built for both on or off-road use, and if you’re bringing a scooter with off-road tires and a high clearance on your next camping trip, you’ll find it useful for all kinds of errands, from fetching water to exploring mountain views or cruising into town for supplies.

Scooters and camping go hand-in-hand in hot weather, from secluded getaways to crowded festivals.

view of crowd at an outside summer festival

Music Festivals

Last, but not least, scooters are the best rides to bring to summer music festivals.

Heading to Coachella this year? Consider buying an electric scooter to take with you.

You'll find some of the best electric scooters for riding on a sunny day right on Apollo's website. Whatever electric scooter you end up purchasing, you'll want to read a full review, pay attention to customer concerns, and make sure that it's a reliable ride that doesn't exaggerate its top speed, range, and other specs.

Electric scooters are one of the best forms of transportation in the heat, and a great way to save money on gas and maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Beat traffic jams and cool off in hotter temperatures wherever you journey, or don't, this summer.

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