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Become the Trusted Choice for Apollo Riders

Riders enjoy peace of mind with expert repair services, warranty support, and convenient local maintenance. Apollo partner shops gain exclusive rates on parts, comprehensive training, customer referrals, and direct access to Apollo's resources. This partnership is a win-win for ensuring smooth and safe rides, as well as fostering successful businesses.

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Repair and Run

Rent EBoards

Techy Company


Expand Your Customer Base.

Dedicated Network: 
Gain access to a loyal community of Apollo Scooter riders seeking expert service and maintenance for their vehicles.

Official Certification: 
Become a recognized leader in electric scooter repair with official Apollo certification. This distinction attracts new customers seeking quality repairs.

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Enhance Your Expertise.

Master the craft: 
Benefit from comprehensive training on Apollo Scooters, ensuring your team has the knowledge to handle any repair with confidence.

Stay ahead of the curve: 
Gain access to ongoing support and resources from Apollo to keep your skills sharp and your business thriving.

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Exclusive parts access:
Gain direct access to order Apollo parts at exclusive rates, reducing downtime and ensuring top-quality repairs.

Technical support at your fingertips: 
Benefit from direct access to our technical team for any diagnostic assistance you may need.

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As part of our commitment to all our customers, we're continuously expanding our network to offer more convenient locations and looking for high-quality partners.

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