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Introducing Apollo Amplified

Join our Rewards Program today and start earning points from the moment you sign up! Join Apollo Amplified to get access to:
- Exclusive events
- Early product access
- Discounts
- And more!

#1 Earn Amps everywhere
Earn points when you sign up & subscribe to the newsletter, leave a review, refer a friend, or buy an Apollo Scooter ($1 = 1 Amp).

#2 Redeem rewards
Use your Amps to get discounts on accessories, upgrades, spare parts, scooters, services, and exclusive merch.

(Tip: Sign up & subscribe to the newsletter before your first purchase to get 2,000 Amps! Then redeem them for a $50 discount).


Apollo Amplified FAQ

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy and FREE!
    - If you're on a desktop, click on the person icon on the top right hand side.

    - If you're on your mobile phone, select my account in the menu
    - Or use this link: https://apolloscooters.co/account/register

  • What benefits do I get?


    1. Just for signing up & subscribing to the newsletter you get early access to product launches, events, & exclusive merch. You also get 2,000 points that you can instantly redeem for $50 off accessories.
    2. The next step is to get your own Apollo Scooter! Get 1 Amp for every $1 spent on your Apollo Scooter.
    3. Get access to many different rewards such as more discounts of accessories, merch, upgrades, & up to $300 off on a second scooter!

  • when can i start redeeming rewards?

    Even before you make your first purchase, you can earn enough points to redeem a $50 off accessories coupon.

  • what do i get if i refer a friend?

    Referring a friend is the best you could do. Give then a $100 discount of the scooter of their choice & get 5,000 points once they receive their scooter.

  • * Terms & Conditions Apply

    1. Amps (Points) do not expire
    2. Rewards can only be redeemed once per year
    3. Amps received from actions like subscribe to newsletter, create an account, follow on social media, and others can only be earned once per lifetime