Experience unrivalled performance and thrill, driven by the power of MACH Technology.

The Performance series isn’t just about power; it's engineered for peak performance. Enjoy unparalleled acceleration, superior shock absorption, and thrilling rides that push the limits of what's possible.

Up to 41 mph
25-50 miles
Best for: Off-roading


A powerhouse built for thrill-seekers and performance enthusiasts. Featuring dual 1200W motors for unmatched acceleration, MACH 1 controller, and quadruple suspension for superior shock absorption, the Phantom is designed for those who crave adventure. Equipped with LUDO Mode for an exhilarating boost, it delivers high-speed thrills. Whether navigating city streets or tackling off-road terrain, the Apollo Phantom provides a smooth, powerful ride that stands out in both style and performance.

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Up to 44 mph
31-62 miles
Best for: Epic joyrides


The pinnacle of scooter technology and design. Engineered with dual high-performance motors and a 21700 Samsung cell battery, it offers extraordinary speed and endurance. Featuring a versatile display with one-click phone mount, CommandTouch™ throttles for precise control, and customizable ride modes, the Pro ensures a tailored and high-tech riding experience. Top-tier safety mechanisms, including hydraulic brakes and 360-degree adaptive lighting, provide unparalleled safety and visibility. With a strong unibody frame crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and advanced MACH Technology, the Apollo Pro is built for those who demand the very best in performance, innovation, and durability.

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Got the scooter? Enhance it with essential accessories for security, storage, maintenance, and more, designed for optimal functionality and convenience.

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DESIGNED IN CANADA: Thoughtfully designed with community feedback to combine sleek elegance with the practical needs of our North American riders. Including local servicing options for a hassle-free ownership.

POWERED BY MACH TECHNOLOGY: Equipped with exclusive technologies, including our Power RBS™ (Regenerative Braking System) and PunctureGuard™ Tires, our scooters offer a high-performance, safe, and premium experience.

TESTED FOR 10,000 KM: Our scooters undergo rigorous testing for up to 10,000 km, reflecting our confidence in their durability. We match this distance in our frame warranty for added peace of mind. Plus they're UL certified and offer IP66 waterproof rating.