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The secret sauce behind our scooters, MACH Technology powers all of our models. Learn more about the cutting-edge performance, innovative features like PowerRBS, and the Apollo App - all made possible by MACH Technology.


Thoughtfully designed with community feedback, award-winning design, and supported by the #1 electric scooter servicing network in North America. Discover how our scooters are meticulously built for your needs.


Tested for 10x more than the industry standard. Our scooters undergo 10,000 KM of testing, in addition to 75,000 KM of real-world riding, and receiving certifications like UL and IP66. Learn more about our 10,000 KM frame warranty.



Experience unmatched performance with MACH Technology, powered by our advanced controller.

What is the MACH Controller?

The controller is the brain of your electric scooter, managing the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor. It regulates speed, acceleration, and overall efficiency.

Why is MACH Better?
  1. Peak Performance & Efficiency: Maximizes energy efficiency for longer rides.
  2. Superior Control: Offers precise throttle response for a smoother, safer ride.
  3. Customizable Ride: Adjustable acceleration and braking to match your style.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Power RBS™ (Regen Braking System) for better braking and extended battery life.
  5. App Connectivity: Connects to the Apollo app for real-time diagnostics and performance adjustments.

MACH Controller

The Mach controller powers all our scooters. Similar to Powered by Intel processor, it’s what makes Apollo Scooters what they are.

Power RBS

Recharge your battery while braking, reduce brake maintenance, stop swiftly and safely. It stands for safety, quality, and ease of use.

Apollo App

Customize your scooter riding settings, keep track of your stats, record your rides, and earn rewards for every mile you ride.

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Every Apollo scooter is meticulously crafted in Canada with superior design and engineering for North American riders.

We design our scooters with rider feedback, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of urban commuters and adventure seekers alike. Our best-in-class design has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award, highlighting our commitment to excellence. Additionally, we provide real human support and boast a high-quality servicing network, strategically placed close to you, ensuring you receive the best care and assistance wherever you are.

WATCH: Why Designed in Canada Matters


We’ve won multiple awards, affiliates, reviewers and Red Dot have officially stated that our scooters are outstanding.

4.5/5 on Trustpilot

Our 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot & Google demonstrates that our customers are deeply satisfied with our products and service.

100+ Servicing Locations

We now have +100 servicing locations which allow us to provide the best service locally during ownership. 


Our scooters are Tripled Tested for 10,000 km, 10x more than the industry standard.

By putting our scooters through a triple-testing process, we ensure they’re not just built to survive the city – they’re built to master it. Our rigorous lab tests, real-world trials, and external certifications guarantee that every Apollo scooter is durable, reliable, and ready to take on any urban challenge.

Factory footage of the testing of Apollo scooters.

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Real-World Tested

Real-world testing is the final and most important step in hardware development. Join hundreds of Apollo Testers, get access to unreleased products, and leave your mark on our scooters.

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UL Certified

Verified with third-party certifications, our scooters adhere to the highest standards of international testing including UL 2271 and UL 2272.
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IP66 Water Resistant

With the highest IP water resistance rating in the industry, we proudly make scooters that can withstand real-world environmental conditions. Ride worry-free with a third-party verified level of water resistance.

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