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8 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Scooter Right Now

8 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Scooter Right Now - Apollo Scooters

With every passing year, electric scooters only become more popular. They’ve conquered the streets of countless cities across the US and Canada (as well as the world more broadly). But if you’ve only been an e-scooter onlooker so far, you may be wondering what all of the hype is about.


Put simply, it’s a vehicle that turns your commute into an adventure—all at a low cost to you and the environment. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or environmentalist, this is a vehicle you can get behind. 

So, why buy an electric scooter? Let’s break down the top 8 reasons. 

#1 Electric Scooters Are a Joy to Ride

As you glide down the streets on an electric scooter, you’ll quickly discover just how much fun these vehicles are. They’re sleek, streamlined, and fast. Riding one can instantly transport you back to your childhood, where the thrill of riding a scooter for the first time comes rushing back to you. 

Unlike your childhood kick scooter though, electric scooters are motor-powered. 

Their amplified speed can help you cover more ground while you’re out and about. As you ride, you’ll also get to explore your surroundings from a new perspective. It’s amazing how many more sights and sounds you take in when you’re outside the confines of your car. 

Even if you buy your electric scooter for practical purposes, you’ll quickly come to appreciate its recreational value. You may find yourself riding on the weekends, exploring its off-road capabilities, and getting your friends to join in on the fun. 

#2 Electric Scooters Are Easy to Use

Speaking of childhood, do you remember the learning curve involved in riding a bike? We’re happy to report that electric scooters are much easier to get the hang of.

Here are two ways that electric scooters win out in the ease department over other vehicles:

  • They have a small learning curve – While learning how to drive a car or a motorcycle can take months, mastering an e-scooter can be done in a few hours. It only takes an afternoon of practicing in a quiet parking lot to become proficient in the basics.

    Once you’ve developed confidence in your balance, braking abilities, and turning skills, you’ll be ready to venture onto busier streets. Just remember to go slow, wear your helmet, and always keep a small bend in your knees.

  • They don’t require much physical exertion – Bikes may be a popular e-scooter alternative, but let’s face it—not everyone wants to work up a sweat in their business attire as they ride to work. If you don’t want your commute to double as a workout, that’s totally understandable. 

Electric scooters give you the motor-based boost you need to stay on the move without breaking a sweat. You can go the distance with one of these rides, no matter your current fitness or endurance level. 

As soon as you experience the ease of electric scooter riding, you’ll want to ride yours all of the time. 

#3 Electric Scooters Are Convenient

Electric scooters are compact, foldable, and portable. As a result, they offer unparalleled convenience. 

You can easily stow your e-scooter:

  • Under your desk at work – If you commute to work on your electric scooter, simply store it under your desk during the day. This way, you won’t need to worry about it getting stolen outside.

  • In the trunk or back seat of your car – If you’re taking a drive, you can always bring your e-scooter along with you. Just pack it in the trunk or back seat of your car. An electric scooter is an ideal addition to any weekend excursion, whether you’re taking a road trip or exploring a nearby nature trail.

Electric scooters also eliminate the need to find parking close to your final destination. This can be a costly and time-consuming mission in many cities. Instead of circling a busy street and searching for a spot, simply park a little further away and use your e-scooter to complete the last leg of your trip.

  • By your side as you take public transportation – If you catch a bus or train, your electric scooter can be used to speed up the last mile of your commute. Just bring your e-scooter with you and hop on it after you’ve been dropped off.  

As you can see, electric scooters offer you more flexibility and convenience as you try to get from point A to point B, whether you use them in conjunction with other vehicles or all on their own. 

#4 Electric Scooters Are Cost-Effective

There’s only one thing better than having fun, and that’s having good, cheap fun. 

Electric scooters are cost-effective on several fronts:

  • They’re more affordable than other vehicles – Electric scooters can cost anywhere between $300 and $3,000, depending on the model. While this initial investment is still a notable amount of money, it’s a fraction of the price of a passenger vehicle.

    The average car costs around $40,000 (1), and that figure doesn’t even factor in the ongoing costs of car ownership, such as registration, insurance, and annual maintenance. 

  • They’re cheaper to operate – After investing in an electric scooter, you’ll be happy to learn that they’re much more affordable per mile as well. Just take a look at these statistics:

  • It only costs around $0.03 in charging costs to ride a mile on an electric scooter.

As you can see, cars cost nearly 30 times more per mile to operate than electric scooters. As gas prices continue to rise, this gap will only grow larger. 

Note: If you have a solar panel at home, you can reduce your e-scooter charging expenses even further. A single solar panel can produce enough electricity to top up your e-scooter battery as needed. 

  • They’re cheaper than renting – Many people begin their electric scooter journey on a shared e-scooter from companies like Bird, Lime, or Lyft. However, buying your own electric scooter can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Shared e-scooters can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.35 per minute (3), depending on where you live. On top of that, you have to pay $1 to unlock your e-scooter. If you’re paying these fees on a regular basis, they can really add up. 

In contrast, buying your own electric scooter is a one-time expense that can pay for itself over the course of enough rides, especially as shared e-scooter rental companies raise their rates.

  • They cost less to maintain – Electric scooters require very little maintenance compared to other vehicles. That’s because they have fewer parts.

    As long as you purchase a durable model and ride it properly, your main maintenance needs should be minimal. Just charge your battery and check on your brakes every once in a while. 

  • They don’t cost anything to park – One final financial perk of e-scooters is that they don’t require you to shell out any money at a paid parking lot or valet. Instead, you can bring your electric scooter inside with you or park it somewhere safe outside on the street.

#5 Electric Scooters Are Accessible

Accessibility varies greatly across vehicle types. For instance, car or motorcycle ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to get an appropriate license, registration, insurance, regular oil changes… the list goes on. 

If you’d prefer to simplify your vehicle obligations (and avoid a few trips to the DMV), an electric scooter is a great option. 

In most places, you can ride an electric scooter without a driver's license, registration, or insurance (though there are some exceptions). As a result, e-scooters are much more accessible.

#6 Electric Scooters Can Save You Time

Time is money, and many city-dwellers spend a lot of their time commuting to work. If you live in a busy city, it’s not uncommon to see traffic come to a standstill. 

At best, waiting in rush hour traffic is a huge waste of your time. At worst, it can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially if you’re running late. 

With your electric scooter in tow, you’ll no longer fear traffic jams or long waits at the bus stop. You’ll have the means to keep on moving no matter what else is going on around you.

#7 Electric Scooters Are Eco-Friendly

If you’re trying to mitigate your carbon footprint, one of the best things you can do is revamp your transportation. For instance, you can swap out a few car rides with a spin on your electric scooter.

Cars are notoriously damaging to the environment for the following reasons:

  • The average car emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. (4)
  • In densely-populated cities, car exhaust can have devastating impacts on the air quality.
  • Cars can be quite noisy, contributing to the sound pollution in many cities. 

In contrast, electric scooters don’t produce any carbon emissions while they’re in use. They’re a fossil-fuel-free mode of transportation. They’re also very quiet, so they won’t add to the noise pollution in your city. By using an electric scooter in place of a car, even just a few times a week, you’ll be doing the planet a much-appreciated favor. 

Note: Privately-owned e-scooters may be emission-free, but shared e-scooter rentals are another story. Since they get picked up by cars and trucks at night to get charged, they contribute carbon emissions in a roundabout way. In turn, buying your own electric scooter is a much more environmentally friendly move.

#8 Electric Scooters Have a High Rate of Customer Satisfaction

While the reasons to get an electric scooter are vast, you may still have a few questions about them, as any savvy shopper would. 

Maybe you’re wondering: How often will I use my electric scooter? Do electric scooters really live up to the hype?

To put your fears to rest, it’s important to know that the overwhelming majority of e-scooter owners are very happy with their purchase. If you’re anything like them, you’ll use your new e-scooter a lot. The average e-scooter owner travels 1,456 miles each year (5). This saves them an average of $874 in travel-related costs. In turn, your electric scooter investment can pay for itself very quickly.

Since electric scooters bring so many benefits to the table, 90% of surveyed electric scooter owners report four to five-star customer satisfaction. (6)

Once you join their ranks, you’ll fall in love with your purchase too. 

What Else Do I Need For My Electric Scooter?

If you decide to invest in an electric scooter, you’ll need a few accessories to go with it.

Two electric scooter essentials?

  • Well-fitted helmet – Riding safely should always be your top priority. That’s why you need a helmet. Whether or not they’re legally required in your city, wearing a helmet is a simple way to protect yourself from a serious head injury.

  • U-lock – U-locks are usually used to secure bikes, but they can also safeguard your e-scooter. If you need to park your e-scooter outside briefly while you stop by a coffee shop or corner store, just secure it with your U-lock

Join the Micromobility Community Today With Apollo Scooters

As you can see, electric scooters have a lot to offer. Whether you want to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle, save money on transportation, or escape rush hour traffic for good, an e-scooter can make it happen. 

Electric scooters are one of the best innovations we’ve seen in a long time. So, why wait any longer to get in on the action? 

Here at Apollo Scooters, we carry several models of high-quality e-scooters. Each of our e-scooters is durable, powerful, and thoroughly safety tested. Get yours today and start experiencing the many benefits of electric scooter ownership. 


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