Apollo Electric Scooters Unveils the Highly Anticipated Apollo Explore 2024: A New Era of Adventure and Innovation

Apollo Explore 2024

Apollo Electric Scooters, a leader in the electric scooter industry, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Apollo Explore 2024. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Explore 2024 promises to deliver game-changing features and enhancements to the premium commuter segment.

With over two years of meticulous development, the Apollo Explore 2024 showcases the cutting-edge Apollo 2.0 design language, which has garnered widespread acclaim with the Apollo Pro 2023. This new model sets the stage for an unparalleled riding experience, blending technology, comfort, and style.

The Apollo Explore 2024 introduces several groundbreaking features that will revolutionize the electric scooter market:

DualDeck Platform: A foldable foot platform that offers exceptional ride stability and a sleek profile when folded. This platform not only enhances rider comfort and portability but also prioritizes safety by lowering the center of gravity. With a broader base of support, riders can enjoy improved stability and control, ensuring a smoother and more secure ride.

Quick-Swappable Battery & Dual Motor Performance: The Explore 2024 incorporates a quick-swappable battery system, allowing users to effortlessly remove and replace the battery with a simple push of a button. Additionally, the battery can be charged separately by plugging it directly into a wall socket. On the performance front, the Explore is equipped with dual 500W motors, ensuring enough power for all hills and the ultimate riding experience. These innovative features and power opens up a multitude of possibilities for riders, including extended commutes, convenient charging at the office, and safe battery storage during winter months.

Built-in GPS: Continuing with Apollo's commitment to connectivity, the Explore 2024 is equipped with a built-in GPS unit (IoT). This advanced technology enables a range of features, including remote diagnostics, anti-theft protection services, and ride recording, all accessible through the user-friendly Apollo App.

Maintenance-less with its Smart Regenerative Braking System & Self Healing Tires: The Explore 2024 boasts Apollo's renowned high-performance regenerative braking system, activated via a dedicated regen brake throttle. This intelligent regen braking delivers an exceptionally smooth braking experience while simultaneously recharging the battery and avoiding the painful customer experience of changing brake pads every 500 miles Coming equipped with 10-inch, self-healing tires, Apollo has yet again delivered with their focus on comfort with pneumatic tires, but removed the customer pain point of flat tires with their advanced self-healing tire technology. With reduced brake and tire maintenance, riders can now enjoy enhanced reliability, prolonged battery life and enjoy the ride.

App Compatibility: The Apollo Explore 2024 seamlessly integrates with the Apollo App, providing users with a range of convenient features. Through the app, riders can access remote diagnostics, track their rides, set their maximum speed, plan their trips, and much more. Apollo continues to innovate and expand the functionality of the Apollo App, with additional updates to be announced in the near future.

Quadlock phone mount: Similar to the Apollo Pro 2023, we've partnered with Quadlock to provide the first electric scooter-specific Quadlock mount on the Explore 2024. Quadlock is one of the world's premier smartphone mounting companies

DOT matrix display: Aside from the ability to use their smartphone as a main display via the Quadlock connector, the Explore 2024 will also come with a built-in DOT Matrix display that is very visible, even in direct sunlight. This is the same technology used on premium e-bikes and traffic lights.

To provide Apollo fans and community members with an exclusive look at the Explore 2024 V1 Prototype, we will be releasing a detailed walkthrough video on our official YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 26th. As part of our commitment to product development, we will showcase between 5 to 6 versions of the prototype, allowing the community to provide valuable feedback with each video.

The Apollo Explore 2024 represents a new era of adventure, discovery, and innovation in the electric scooter space. It embodies Apollo's commitment to delivering exceptional quality, performance, and user-centric design. With its array of groundbreaking features, the Explore 2024 is set to redefine the expectations of electric scooter enthusiasts worldwide.

To stay updated on the latest news and release dates for the Apollo Explore 2024, please visit Apollo Electric Scooters' official website at www.apolloscooters.co .

About Apollo Electric Scooters: Apollo Electric Scooters is a leading provider of high-performance electric scooters that combine cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and exceptional performance. Committed to revolutionizing the way we commute, Apollo strives to deliver premium electric scooters that provide a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative for urban transportation. 

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