Elevating the E-Scooter Experience: Apollo Scooters' Innovative Software Updates and Enhancements

Elevating the E-Scooter Experience: Apollo Scooters' Innovative Software Updates and Enhancements

Welcome to the Apollo Revamp Keynote – Software Edition! Our expanded software engineering team has been working tirelessly to provide you with the best possible scooter experience. In this blog post, we will share the exciting updates to our mobile app and website in 2023, all aimed at revolutionizing the world of micro-mobility.

Mobile App: Apollo App v3

We've rebuilt the Apollo App natively from the original React-Native stack, offering dedicated iOS and Android versions. This shift allows for an optimized user experience, fewer bugs, and more opportunities to leverage the full native possibilities of both platforms. The native rebuild brings enhanced control of your Apollo scooter's parameters, including customizable riding profiles and seamless integration of SDKs from our suppliers.

With a focus on stability and performance, our latest app version boasts over 99% crash-free users. The app now offers high-frequency recording of ride dynamics, providing accurate riding statistics and advanced diagnostics to help you maintain your scooter's health and performance. This feature will be available to all users starting this summer.

Meet the Apollo Assistant: Your Personal Scooter Expert

The Apollo Assistant is here to provide immediate solutions to any issues you encounter, reducing the need to contact our CX team. Launched on our US and Canada websites, this feature has already significantly reduced customer support cases and response times.

Auto-Ride Functionality: Seamless Scooter Experience

Our new auto-ride functionality will automatically start recording your journey, removing any friction and making it easier and quicker to use the app and scooter together.

Web Updates: Smarter Diagnostics and Interactive Map

On our website, the smarter diagnostics feature allows us to address issues remotely with full visibility and detail, improving customer support and overall experience. The new interactive map on our website enables you to book service appointments or test drives directly, providing faster and more direct access to maintenance, repairs, and test drives.

Don't Miss Out: Upgrade, Register, and Book Today!

Upgrade your Apollo app to the latest iOS and Android version and start recording your rides. If you own a Phantom or Ghost that is not app-compatible, you can purchase the latest Phantom Upgrade Kit or Ghost Upgrade Kit which will enable you to connect to the app. For those interested in early access to the latest Apollo app updates and new features, register as an Apollo Beta tester. Lastly, book your repair or test drive today to experience our new models, including the Air, City, Ghost, Phantom, and Pro!

In Summary

The Apollo Revamp Keynote – Software Edition marks a new era in scooter experience, with our software engineering team's efforts bringing you the best possible experience. Our app and website updates, including the Apollo Assistant, advanced diagnostics, and easier booking options, will revolutionize micro-mobility. Thank you for being part of the Apollo journey, and we look forward to seeing you on the road!

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