Apollo Ghost 2023 Upgrade Kit

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Ghost 2023 Upgrade Kit: Transform Your Ride Experience

Elevate your scooter game with the Ghost 2023 Upgrade Kit, packed with cutting-edge features designed to enhance your ride experience.

Key Features:

  • Upgraded Display: A larger, brighter, and centered display for better visibility and safety, providing essential information such as ride duration, remaining mileage, and Bluetooth connection status.
  • Enhanced Throttle & Response: Experience unparalleled control with our advanced motor detection algorithm, ensuring a perfectly calibrated thumb throttle. Integrated buttons for mode and turning signals make interactions a breeze.
  • Regen Braking & Dedicated Regen Throttle: Our unique braking system offers a video game-like experience, revolutionizing scooter control.
  • Turning Signals: Boost your safety and that of others with easily activated front and rear turning signals.
  • App Connectivity: Track your rides, access error codes and solutions, and personalize your scooter's settings for an immersive experience.

Why Upgrade? The Ghost 2023 V3 Upgrade Kit boasts a cleaner, more compact design, the well-regarded Mach 1 controller for mind-blowing speed, and improved ergonomics, app connectivity, and safety features. Don't miss out on this game-changing upgrade! Preorder your Ghost 2023 Upgrade Kit today and transform your ride experience.