Apollo City 2023 Upgrade Kit / City 2023 Handlebar Assembly

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City 2023 Upgrade Kit: Boost Your Urban Riding Experience

Elevate your scooter game with the City 2023 Upgrade Kit, specifically designed to enhance your urban riding experience.

Key Features:

  • Folding Mechanism Hook System: Prevent the stem from unlatching when carrying the scooter folded, ensuring a safer and more convenient carrying experience.
  • Handlebar Turning Signals: Improve safety with visible turning signals on both ends of the handlebar, complementing the deck's bright turning signal.
  • Redesigned Handlebar: Enjoy increased stability and a comfortable grip during rides.  The new handlebar also offers more space for accessory attachments.
  • V8 Throttles: Experience our 8th iteration of throttles, with an unprecedented spring response, bigger buttons, and a sleek, integrated design.
  • Improved Kickstand: A reinforced plastic part offers more support, ensuring your kickstand stays strong for years to come.

Upgrade your City 2022 scooter with this feature-packed kit and enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and more convenient urban ride experience. 

Note: This upgrade kit also acts as a handlebar assembly replacement for the City 2023.