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Most of us start our adventure with electric scooters by Googling this exact question. Unfortunately, there are thousands of review videos, each one claiming they have the answer.

The reality is that there is no “best electric scooter”. There may, however, be the best electric scooter for you. So let’s start by talking about what you should and should not consider when buying your first scooter - in this case, we will consider some of the best known entry-level products, the Xiaomi M365 scooter and the Ninebot ES2 scooter.

Xiaomi M365

Popularized by the scooter sharing company, Bird, it is the entry level electric scooter for most of our customers. It is particularly popular due to its intuitive design and ease of use. It is simple - with only an LED-battery indicator and a single button to control the entire scooter, your margin of error is naturally small. It has a built-in speed limit of 25 km/h and an excellent battery that offers a range of approx. 30km. The Xiaomi M365 scooter is a simple and intuitive scooter with decent specs. If you are looking for something with great design, reliable performance, and you don't mind the lack of customizations, the Xiaomi M365 scooter is a great choice for you. Think of it as the iPhone of scooters - great and beautiful, but perhaps not as customizable as you would like it to be. You can learn more about it here - Xiaomi M365.

Ninebot ES2

Taken mainstream by the other scooter sharing company, Lime, the Ninebot ES2 scooter has withstood the abuse of scooter-sharers across the globe. It is a great electric scooter, with the main features being a top speed of 25 mk/h, 25 km range, and a dual-suspension. Perhaps the most popular feature of this electric scooter is the LED display which shows the battery charge level along with the speed. Finally, it is worth mentioning the Ninebot ES2 features an LED light panel under the base, fully customizable via the accompanying app. Unlike the Xiaomi M365, it is comparable to to an Android phone. While the speed and distance are comparable to the Xiaomi scooter, the remaining features are an added benefit. If you plan on using the dual suspension, LED display, or the light panel, it may be a worthwhile investment. You can check it out here - Ninebot ES2.



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