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52V Version:

  • Dual 1200W motor & up to 38 MPH speed.
  • 52V battery with up to 40 miles of range.
  • 77LB weight & 300LB max load.
  • Quadruple spring suspension.
  • Proprietary HEX display.


60V Version:

  • Dual 1400W motor & up to 43 MPH speed.
  • 60V battery with up to 40 miles of range.
  • 77LB weight & 300LB max load.
  • Quadruple spring suspension.
  • Proprietary HEX display.


V2 Improvements:

  • New throttle: Higher quality Hall sensor. Reduced dead zone. +25% more responsive.
  • New display: Improved HEX display. 2x higher refresh rate. 10 LEDS in the LCD backlight (+67% vs. V1).
  • New kickstand: Reinforced steel kickstand. 3x time sturdier and durable vs. Aluminum version.
  • New folding ring: Higher flexibility & durability. New ABS plastic formula.
  • New front plastic cover: Available only for mechanical brake.
  • Higher quality brake pads: 2x time more durable. Longer lifespan and less squeak.
  • Higher quality inner tubes: Less prone to pinch flats.
  • New charging port covers: Screw-on charging port covers will not fall off.
  • New paint job: Scratch-resistant, more durable coated paint. 
  • New frame: Stronger and thicker frame at gooseneck.
  • Ignition key: Removed to improve throttle performance.
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs heavier than V1

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We are operating at normal capacity, please expect all orders to be processed within 48 hours of being placed. After processing, all orders are usually shipped out the following business day. For items on pre-order, please refer to the expected shipping date communicated on the product page. 


Delay due to COVID:

Although we are currently operating with normal capacity, many of our delivery and processing partners are not. Please follow the tracking information for the most up to date delivery status and do not hesitate to contact our support team with any additional questions.

Riding worry-free is so much more fun. That's why we offer 12 months of warranty on any manufacturing defect and another 12 months of repairs at cost (you pay what it costs us, no mark-up), for a total of 24 months of coverage. This is the longest warranty period in North America. For more details on warranty and the Apollo protection plan, click here.


"I relive the Knight Rider days when Micheal would activate KITT'S Turbo boost, hitting the button for its second motor, and the Apollo takes off."

"If the Fast & Furious franchise was based on electric scooters rather than cars, the Apollo Scooter would have a starring role."

"The Apollo Scooter can zip you across town at 38MPH - enough to get you in trouble if you're not mindful of local speed limits."

"The Apollo Phantom is heavy on features and high in value. It is an innovative scooter that performs incredibly well across the line."

The First Vehicle Grade Electric Scooter

For so long, the electric scooter industry took small strides forward while largely adhering to the status quo. But that era is over. The Apollo Phantom is our own little revolution to turn the market on its head. With unprecedented power, exceptional performance, a compact yet robust design, and some of the best specs around, the Phantom isn't about "more" or even "better"—it's an all-new masterpiece of innovation, made right here on Canadian soil. And unlike other scooter companies, Apollo doesn't rely solely on factory quality control. We take matters into our own hands, because we care that much. After leaving the manufacturer, the Phantom was tested extensively at a custom-designed facility to expose any potential design weaknesses. So when you purchase the Phantom, you're buying the result of hundreds of hours of research and refinement, all of which culminate in one of the most reliable scooters on the market, the Apollo Phantom.
The First Vehicle Grade Electric Scooter

Designed & Tested In North America

With over 10,000 units sold, we recognize what it takes to make a great electric scooter. And while most manufacturers race to use larger batteries and more powerful motors, we know that the best designs live in the details. The Apollo Phantom features a completely proprietary build made from forged aluminum, bolstering its strength and durability without any unnecessary bulk. For improved stability, the stem features double reinforcements, while the handlebar is made of a single piece of metal. These seemingly small design upgrades account for dramatic leaps in quality.

Designed & Tested In North America

Insane Power For Unprecedented Performance

The Apollo Phantom is powered by two high-efficiency brushless motors with nominal output of 1200W each. With a peak output of 1600W, the Phantom has a total of 3200W of maximum instantaneous power. Powered by two 25 amp controllers, the Phantom offers the best acceleration in our line-up. With a top speed of up to 40MPH*, the Phantom instantly becomes one of the fastest electric scooters on the market to date. So whether you are looking for that instant electric acceleration or to blend in with city traffic speeds, the Phantom will get you there. *Top speed ratings can be influenced by riding conditions, state of the vehicle, and rider profile. 
Insane Power For Unprecedented Performance

Defy Gravity, Defy Expectations

The Phantom features a completely proprietary suspension design called the Quadruple Suspension System. By using four springs instead of two, we've revolutionized shock-dampening capabilities while offering dynamic travel. Beyond that, this high-performance powerhouse features two specially designed tires that are both ultra-wide for improved grip and control, and air-filled for even greater shock-absorption. At 10 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, with a solid seven inches of ground clearance, these robust tires are the perfect choice for city, trail, and hybrid riding alike. 

Defy Gravity, Defy Expectations

Compact Dimensions For Riders Of All Sizes

With a frame that measures 51 inches high, 27 inches wide, and 49 inches long, the Phantom is one of the most refined and compact scooters in its class. Its deck measures 8.5 by 20 inches and comes equipped with a dedicated footrest for steady handling and comfortable riding. Despite its comparatively lightweight build, this scooter can accommodate just about anyone. First, you have a frame that weighs 77 LB with a rated max load of 300 LB. Then, you factor in a handlebar height of 41 inches above the deck for users up to six-and-a-half feet tall. With that, you've got yourself a beast of a scooter that comfortably fits almost every rider. 
Compact Dimensions For Riders Of All Sizes

No Delusions With This Design

Safety is at the core of everything we do. That means the Phantom is strong, sturdy, and stable in the places that matter the most, including a double reinforced stem and neck. Most impressively, it prevails where most electric scooters fall short: its folding mechanism. Thanks to our proprietary design, the Phantom doesn't compromise. It folds in under three seconds and offers three independent safety mechanisms. Forget complicated systems and dodgy designs, and embrace scooters as they should be—simple, reliable, and intuitive. The Phantom also sports security features such as a designated locking spot in the hollow of the scooter's neck. These details may be small, but they can go a long way in your everyday life. Now you can walk away from your scooter, too, with the peace of mind that it's safely locked up where you left it. 

No Delusions With This Design

Brake On A Dime

The Phantom has two unique braking systems to choose from: mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic brakes. Both versions utilize 160mm discs, which are 20mm larger—and indeterminately better—than the industry standard. The additional disc size accounts for best-in-class cooling and braking performance, with a stopping distance of only 8ft from 15 MPH (25 KMH) and 23ft from 25 MPH (40 KMH). The Phantom also features regenerative hand braking to not only decelerate the scooter smoothly and efficiently, but also to recharge the battery in the process. Now that's what we call a win-win.

Brake On A Dime

Light The Way

When designing the Phantom, we didn't compromise on anything, including the lights. The Phantom easily illuminates the road ahead with a powerful, 1000-lumen headlight, while the two front deck lights ensure you remain visible from more than one angle. Between the handlebar-controlled rear turn signals and the dedicated brake light, you can be just as visible as any car on the road. Safety is critical. Unlike a genuine apparition, this Phantom is equipped with powerful lights to ensure you can always see and be seen.

Light The Way

Impossibly Impressive Range

The Phantom relies on our tried-and-true Dynavolt cells, famously used in electric motorcycles and across other Apollo products. Its 1216 Watt hour battery (52V 23.4aH) offers impressive range:

Conservative power settings: up to 40 miles (64 KM)
Maximum power settings: up to 25 miles (40 KM)

The Phantom delivers a record 500 charge cycles without compromising performance. What does that mean for you? Charging three times a week on average, your battery pack will remain at full capacity for nearly three years. When those three long years are up, simply purchase a replacement battery pack at cost as per our warranty policy, and get back on the open road.

Impossibly Impressive Range


The Phantom features a completely proprietary suspension design called the Quadruple Suspension System. By using four springs instead of two, we've revolutionized shock-dampening capabilities while offering dynamic travel. Beyond that, this high-performance powerhouse features two specially designed tires that are both ultra-wide for improved grip and control, and air-filled for even greater shock-absorption. At 10 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, with a solid seven inches of ground clearance, these robust tires are the perfect choice for city, trail, and hybrid riding alike. 


Introducing one of the most highly anticipated features on the Apollo Phantom: its proprietary HEX display. As the largest electric scooter display on the market, our newest model is packed with impressive features including a speedometer, range estimator, and riding mode toggle. The Phantom also comes with 20 adjustable settings to personalize your riding experience, plus a command centre that features a thumb throttle and ergonomic handles. Forget cumbersome controls, useless information, and screens so small you can hardly read them. With the Phantom, you can focus on the ride, while remaining informed and comfortable throughout it.



Not convinced? Don't take our word for it, check out our 1,000+ reviews. With 7 days a week support, our North American support team offers genuinely helpful answers and fast responses. Worried about servicing and maintenance? You are covered by our industry-leading 12 month warranty. If something does happen, you will have access to 10+ servicing locations across the US and Canada and a large support library. Looking for financing? Click here to get started instantly—with Paybright, you're already pre-approved.


  • 15,000+


    That's a lot of products manufactured for a lot of happy riders. When you've sold as many scooters as we have, you can go above and beyond to make the next product even better. That's why Apollo isn't just a scooter; it's a carefully crafted experience based on the expertise accumulated over many years and thousands of riders.

  • 1,560,000


    That's a lot of morning traffic avoided and parking nightmares turned into carefree cruises. In all seriousness, every chance to take a scooter instead of a car is a chance worth taking—our customers clearly feel the same and seize every opportunity to improve their daily commute.

  • $2.4


    That's how much our riders saved on car ownership costs, based on average usage and commute distances. Talk about keeping money in your pocket thanks to a simple lifestyle switch that saves time, hassle, and the environment, as well.

  • 1,000+


    That's how eager our happy customers are to let us know they love their new Apollo scooters—and how thrilled we are to be a part of their positive experience.


Central Park to Wall Street
Central Park to Wall Street Santa Monica Pier to UCLA Wynwood Walls to Brickell







96 min

28 min

35 min



4.7 miles

6.7 miles

6.7 miles





$ 36



0.19 lbs

3.25 lbs

6.5 lbs









Motor2 x 1200W2 x 1400W
Top speed38 MPH43 MPH
Battery52V 23.4aH60V 21aH
Range40 Miles40 Miles
Weight77 LB77 LB



Single motor rated power: 1200W
Number of motors: 2
Total motor rated power: 2400W
Max. instantaneous power: 3200W peak output
Top speed: up to 38 MPH (61 KM/H)

Riding modes:
Gear 1: 15 MPH max. speed (25 KM/H)
Gear 2: 25 MPH max. speed (40 KM/H)
Gear 3: 38 MPH max. speed (61 KM/H)

Max. incline: 25 degrees
Applicable terrain: streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails

Battery type: 52V 23.4aH battery
Nominal battery capacity: 1216 watt hours
Maximum battery capacity: 1375 watt hours
Estimated range (realistic riding conditions):
Conservative power settings: 40 miles (64KM)
Maximum power settings: 25 miles (40KM)
Cell origin: Dynavolt, a global leader in manufacturing high-performace batteries for motorcycles
Power structure: 126 x 18650 (23 400mah) lithium battery units

Charger rated power: 58.8V 2A
Charger rated input voltage: 110-220V~
Battery voltage limit: 58.8V
Number of charging ports: 2
Charging time: approx. 12 hours (6 hours with fast charger upgrade or two regular chargers)

Smart power management: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, double protection from overdischarging, temperature resistance, undervoltage auto-sleep protection
Standard power consumption: 2.2kWh per 100km

Frame: aerospace grade aluminium

Colour: deep black with silver accents

Package contents: scooter, charger, toolkit, manual


Display: proprietary HEX display with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)

Throttle: thumb finger

Tire style: wide hybrid

Tire size: 10 inch by 3.25 inch

Tire type: pneumatic (air-filled) in the front and rear

Weight: 77 LBS (35 KG)

Unfolded dimensions: 51 IN (height) x 8.5 IN (width at deck) x 49 IN (length)

Max. load: 275 LBS (125 KG)


Handlebar: 1000 lumen headlight

Front: dual white LED lights

Rear: dual LED turn signals

Footrest: LED light with braking warning


Brake systems:

Front: disc brake

Rear: disc brake

Motor: electric re-generative braking

Discs: 160mm brake discs

Tire material: inflatable rubber tires

Suspension systems:

Front: dual spring

Rear: dual spring

Tires: 10 inch pneumatic (air-filled)


Recommended age: 18 to 60 years old

Other features:

Triple safety folding mechanism - three separate safety mechanisms prevent the scooter from unfolding while riding

Bag hook - carry your bag on the hook while riding

Single/dual motor button switch - dual motor electric scooters can ride either in single or dual motor depending on the preferences of the rider

Adjustable suspension - adjust the hardness of the suspension with a spanner 

Legality - it is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with local regulation surrounding electric scooters. Any fines due to illegal or unauthorized use are the responsibility of the customer. It is the responsibility of the rider to comply with all local regulations (such as wearing protective equipment).

Safety - electric scooters are vehicles capable of reaching high speeds, and if not used properly, can lead to injury or death. By purchasing an Apollo scooter, you assume the responsibility for these risks. We strongly recommend wearing protective equipment any time the scooter is in use. The equipment includes, but is not limited to, helmets, knee and elbow pads, and protective armour.

Education - upon receiving the scooter, please read the entire manual carefully. If uncertain about any section, contact us directly at or visit our help centre to find more information. We always recommend starting slow and getting used to the scooter before riding for longer distances.

Age - Apollo Scooters are designed to be used and operated by adults and should not be used by anyone younger than 18 years of age. Should the rider have any disabilities or impairments (visual, hearing, language, seizure, etc), please consult your physician before any ride or purchase of an electric scooter.

The Verdict Is In




Brake pads, inner tubes, tires, and more. Free for 2 years, simply pay for shipping. Over the course of its lifespan, your electric scooter will require basic maintenance. When that happens, simply let us know and cover shipping. The wear and tear components are on us for 24 months following your purchase.



12 months of warranty for any manufacturing defect. We're on a mission to make scooter ownership easy. Comprehensive warranty coverage and an ever-growing list of servicing locations will ensure you're riding in no time again.


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