Apollo Explore Reservation


Apollo Explore Reservation

The boldest revolution in e-scooters. Our most compact and powerful model yet. Expected to deliver in Q2 of 2024.

Expected to start at $1,699 USD.

Awakening the Ride Revolution Awakening the Ride Revolution

Awakening the Ride Revolution

Unveiling the boldest revolution in urban mobility: the upcoming Apollo Explore 2024.

Reshaping the nature of e-scooters Reshaping the nature of e-scooters

Reshaping the nature of e-scooters

Prepare for a remarkable fusion of innovation and versatility with its groundbreaking DualDeck Platform and Quick-Swap Battery, reshaping the very nature of e-scooters.

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Swap and Go for Endless Exploration

Unlock possibilities with our Quick-Swap Battery: Enjoy push-button convenience for easy battery swaps, separate charging, and embrace new horizons for food delivery, extended commutes, and safer storage.

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52V Powerhouse

Witness the power of Samsung 40T21700 Cells with our versatile 52V battery, supporting dual motors, allowing for in/out charging, and protected by a durable hard cover.

DualDeck Perfect Balance DualDeck Perfect Balance

DualDeck Perfect Balance

Experience redefined comfort and stability, where the lower gravity of the Apollo DualDeck Platform enables a confident ride. Designed to address discomfort during rides exceeding 5km, our innovative platform ensures a comfortable journey every time.

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Sleek Unibody Excellence

Durable and sleek, the Explore's aircraft-grade aluminum unibody frame carries the seamless Apollo 2.0 design of Apollo Pro 2023.

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Portable Slim Profile

Slim and portable, the Explore boasts a compact profile with its foldable DualDeck platform and collapsible stem, ensuring effortless storage and transportability for your convenience.

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Dynamic 360° RGB Lighting

Elevate your ride with the vibrant 360° RGB light system. Experience a mesmerizing spectrum of colors and dynamic lighting effects, adding style and visibility to your journey.

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Illuminate the Unexpected

The integrated light strips surrounding the edge of the DualDeck act as turn signals and brake lights. A unique rear brake light encircles the charging connector, adding an extra touch of innovation to your ride.

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Safety in Mind

From the front stem light to the powerful headset headlight illuminating your path, and the brake handle turn signals providing increased safety, enjoy a ride that stands out both day and night.

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Connect, Control, & Customize

Connect, control, and customize your ride with the Explore 2024 and Apollo App. Use your smartphone as the display, accessing diagnostics, recording rides, planning trips, and more all in one place.

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Your Ride, Your Soundtrack

Set the mood for your ride with the Explore's built-in speaker. Enjoy cruising to your favorite tunes and honk with personalized style, making every journey a unique audio experience.

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Brake Smarter with Power RBS

Push the regen throttle of the Power RBS (Regenerative Braking System) for precise, controlled stopping power. This system reduces maintenance and recharges the battery, delivering a thrilling video game-like braking sensation.

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The MACH controller unleashes unmatched performance, maximizing the Explore's brakes, motors, battery, display, and app-connectivity beyond standard controller limitations.

Stay Connected, Stay Protected Stay Connected, Stay Protected

Stay Connected, Stay Protected

Unlock advanced features with Apollo Connect+ (coming soon), leveraging iOT technology for remote tracking, diagnostics, and anti-theft protection. The built-in GPS antenna doubles as a tamper-proof kill switch, providing enhanced security wherever you go.

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Dual Motor Performance

No hill is too high with the dual motor drive propelling the Explore at a top speed of 34 mph.

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Ride On, Hassle-Free

Conquer rugged terrain with self-healing tires and solid swing arms to accommodate the suspension. The Explore combines durability and sleek aesthetics for all your adventures.

Looking to start a fleet? Looking to start a fleet?

Looking to start a fleet?

Looking to start a fleet with the most robust and innovative hardware on the market? Reach out to us to participate in early testing.

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  • What are the specifications?



    Up to 34 mph


    18-28 miles per pack


    8-13aH capacity (available for purchase with one or two battery packs)


    Self-healing tires, size 10 inch


    Regenerative braking system and two drum brakes


    Front and rear spring


    32 kg


    136 kg

    Max. Load

    Apollo App on your smart phone, D.O.T. built-in display expected for later version


  • What are the features?

    A quick-swappable battery that will allow users to remove their battery with the push of a button.

    Quick-Swap Battery

    A foldable foot platform that will give riders incredible ride stability and a much slimmer profile when folded.

    DualDeck Platform

    +150 custom made components, unibody frame, and AG geometry make it intuitive and very comfortable to ride.


    Mach 1 Controller, Designed in Canada.


    An integrated SIM card will allow owners to track and lock their scooters via the Apollo App. The scooter will only unlock when your phone is closer than 5 m away.

    IoT (Internet of Things)

    Track the health of the battery in real time, the temperature, and how long until the next charge.

    BMS (Battery Management System)

    The top speed, the light intensity and colour, the horn, can all be customized via the Apollo App.

    Fully customizable

    The best display available. Mount your smart phone as the display. Or, you will also be able to use a built-in D.O.T. display.


    Front, back, and turning signals. Lights are also integrated into the deck and the colour can be changed as desired. The 360-light system makes the Explore highly visible.

    360 light system

    The kickstand is similar to a motorcycle kick stand. Made from aluminum, it comes out from under the deck making it safe, strong, and convenient.

    Kick Stand

    IP Rating is TBC. More info to come end of June/early July.

    Water proof

  • What is a reservation?

    When you reserve the Apollo Explore, you are securing your spot for the first production run. We will continue to share updates via emails as production nears, so you will have full visibility into the process. When we near Q1 of 2024, we will contact you to confirm order details and collect the payment balance. Then your unit will be shipped out and delivered.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    Of course. The $20 deposit is fully refundable. If you change your mind, simply let our customer experience team know and they will process it for you.

  • Will it be available globally?

    At this time, the Explore is only available for reservation directly by Apollo in North America. If you'd like to be notified when it becomes available in your region, please sign up for the mailing list.

  • What development stage are you at?

    We're currently on the 1st of 5 prototypes. You can watch the V1 walkthrough with our CTO here.
    You are welcome to provide feedback in the comments and our team will review it and consider it for the next stages.

  • What makes the tires self-healing?

    A solid gel layer built into the tire, similar as to the City 2022 tires.

  • How loud does the speaker sound?

    It depends on the sound being played, but it is up to 90 decibels. The higher the pitch, the higher the decibel.

  • Can I buy additional batteries?

    Yes, you can buy additional batteries. No details on the price yet, but they will be affordable for the quality. We will use the top-quality 21700 batteries that are a little more expensive than standard 18650 Chinese cells, but well worth it. Also, each battery pack will come equipped with a smart BMS. The weight is around 7 lbs.

  • With the MACH 1, will the Explore also have Ludo mode?

    Yes, it will come with LUDO mode.

  • With the GPS iOT, how does the anti-theft feature work?

    The anti-theft feature will work the same as the Pro 2023, where the scooter is locked to a certain GPS location. If the scooter is moved, the alarm will sound and the user will be notified via the Apollo App. The scooter's motors will also actively resist movement until it goes back to the same location. For example, if someone was to load it into a truck and ride away, the user can see the real-time coordinates of the scooter and can also activate the kill switch to prevent the scooter from being turned on. You can get some more insight on how this works in our V4 prototype video and V5 prototype video of the Pro 2023.

  • What is the selling price of the Explore?

    The final selling price has not been determined yet, but it is expected to start at $1,699 USD.

  • Tell us what you think!

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