Apollo Phantom Toolkit

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Model: Phantom - Hydraulic Brakes

The Apollo Phantom toolkit is a one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs. Small enough to bring on the go with you and comprehensive enough to replace your toolbox.

It includes:

Mini air pump, high-quality screwdriver and bits, Allen key set, set of brake pads, 2 replacement tubes.

Available variants:

• Hydraulic brakes (V1, V2)

• Regular brakes (V1, V2, V3) 

Please note this product is only compatible with Apollo Phantom (ensure to select the correct brake variant). For all customers who purchase the toolkit along with an incompatible scooter, we will automatically replace the toolkit with an Apollo bag.

Also, note that the Phantom 2023 (V3) found here comes with an included toolkit, so no separate purchase is necessary. 

SKU: Apo/Tool/Pha/Hyd