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APRIL 1ST, 2022

Today, on the 1st day of April, 2022, Apollo Scooters, the Canadian electric micro-mobility company, has proudly revealed the future of e-mobility.

Representing a continuation of our mission to democratize and improve short-distance travel, this new model has been created to offer a unique riding experience for our beloved community.

This new PEV integrates the latest technology with cutting edge engineering to deliver new features, resulting in a unique design never seen before in the electric scooter industry.

Built by our team of Canadian engineers in Northern Quebec, utilizing our new proprietary Apollo Integrated Design, this model features a unique, thought through design to achieve a sophisticated look that will raise the bar for the category.

Just in time for summer, Apollo Scooters is very excited to announce the launch of the new Apollo Yeti.

Featuring a 200HP Rotax 2-Stroke engine, a steel-plated caterpillar track, and a heated seat, pricing will start at $20,000CAD with a free tote bag for the first 50 customers.

April Fools or not?ย 




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