Is a Lightweight Electric Scooter Right For You?

Is a Lightweight Electric Scooter Right For You? - Apollo Scooters

Are you looking for an electric scooter to ride around town? If so, there are many different types of models you can choose from. Some e-scooters are vehicle-grade machines that boast impressive top speeds and come equipped with all of the bells and whistles (and a price tag to match). Other e-scooters are more sleek and streamlined, offering exceptional portability and affordability. 

If the latter appeals to you, a lightweight electric scooter may be your match made in micromobility heaven. But how can you be sure? 

To help you decide, we’ll break down the pros and cons of purchasing a lightweight electric scooter. We’ll also review a few of the best lightweight electric scooters for adults on the market. 

What is a Lightweight Electric Scooter?

Most electric scooter aficionados consider an e-scooter to be “lightweight” if it’s easy to carry around by hand. Any e-scooter weighing less than 40 pounds can be placed into this category. 

What Impacts the Weight of an Electric Scooter?

While the average e-scooter weighs 27 pounds, these vehicles can weigh anywhere from 10 to 95 lbs (1). That’s a substantial range for such a streamlined form of transportation. 

What causes electric scooters’ weight to vary so much? 

Here are a few of the factors that can impact an electric scooter’s weight:

  • Size – Electric scooters with larger frames typically weigh more, depending on the materials used in their construction.
  • Materials – Many electric scooters are made of lightweight materials, like aluminum or carbon fiber. However, some models also include heavier materials, increasing their total weight.

  • Motor – An electric scooter’s motor propels it forward and determines its top speed. While larger motors allow e-scooters to go faster, they also add more weight.

  • Battery – E-scooters with big batteries can ride longer distances without needing to top up their charge. In turn, a large battery can offer you a longer range. It can also make your electric scooter a lot heavier.
  • Extra accessories – Lastly, an electric scooter’s weight is impacted by its various bells and whistles. Many high-performance e-scooters feature fancy LED screens, robust safety lights, special suspension systems, and much more. While these features can enhance the quality and comfort of your ride, they can also add extra pounds to your electric scooter. 

The Benefits of a Lightweight Electric Scooter

Now that you know what impacts an electric scooter’s weight, let’s review a few reasons why you might opt for a lighter, sleeker model:

#1 Lightweight E-Scooters Are Easier to Carry

In addition to being accessible, affordable, and eco-friendly, one of the major selling points of electric scooters is their portability. While bikes can be bulky and cars present parking hassles, lightweight e-scooters can be conveniently carried with you wherever you go.
If you purchase an electric scooter that you can carry with ease, you can bring it with you:

  • Onto the bus or train
  • Inside your local coffee shop
  • Up your apartment stairs
  • Into your office

Since they’re carriable, lightweight electric scooters can help you complete the final stretch of your work commute with ease. They can also be brought inside with you, enabling you to safeguard your investment from theft. 

In contrast, heavier electric scooter models may be a lot more cumbersome to carry around. Trying to drag one on and off the bus or up the stairs can leave you feeling like you’re in the midst of an arduous workout. You may also be forced to park it outside more often, leaving it vulnerable to theft. 

#2 Lightweight E-Scooters Can Be More Compact

Weight isn’t the only consideration when it comes to carrying an electric scooter. So is its ability to fold down into a compact size.

Lightweight electric scooters are usually more compact than heavier models. That’s because they’re more likely to come with convenient folding mechanisms, including:

  • Foldable stems – Some electric scooters can be folded in half, bending into a slim rectangular shape. Once folded, these compact vehicles are much easier to tuck beneath your desk at work, store inside the trunk of your car, or place inside your garage at home. On the other hand, heavier e-scooters with bulkier features may not fold at all, or if they do, they may only collapse into boxy triangular shapes.

  • Collapsible handlebars – Some lightweight electric scooters also feature collapsible handlebars, streamlining their shape even further.

By folding into a compact size, lightweight electric scooters often offer a greater degree of convenience for riders, especially those who want to bring their e-scooter in tow everywhere they go. 

#3 Lightweight E-Scooters May Be More Affordable

Compared to many other types of vehicles, electric scooters are already quite budget-friendly. Just take a look at the average price for the following types of vehicles: 

  • Electric cars – $51,500 USD ($65,000 CAD) (2)
  • Electric motorcycles – $10,000 USD ($14,000 CAD) (3)
  • Electric bikes – $600 to $8000 USD ($750 to $10,000 CAD) (4)
  • Electric scooters – $300 to $3,000 USD ($375 to $3,700 CAD)

If your budget only allows for a smaller investment at this time, a lightweight electric scooter may be the best choice for you financially. Lighter models often have lower price tags, due to their simplified design. They use fewer materials, shaving hundreds of dollars off their price.
If you don’t need the extra features of a heavier electric scooter model, forgoing them can save you money and additional weight. 

#4 Lightweight E-Scooters Can Still Offer Outstanding Performance

It’s a misconception that all lightweight electric scooters have inferior performance compared to heftier models. While some cheaper lightweight electric scooters are flimsily constructed, others still pack a punch in terms of power, speed, and sturdiness. 

If you want a lightweight e-scooter that can go the distance and is built to last, you just need to choose a model crafted by a high-quality manufacturer, like Apollo Scooters

The Downsides of a Lightweight Electric Scooter

Lightweight electric scooters have many benefits, but they also come with a few tradeoffs you should be aware of. In general, lightweight electric scooters:

  • Have shorter range – An electric scooter’s range lets you know how far you can ride before you need to recharge its battery. Lightweight electric scooters often have shorter ranges. Before you purchase an electric scooter, figure out how much range you really need. If you primarily plan to ride to work, you may only need a handful of miles to get to and from the office on one charge. In turn, a shorter range won’t be an issue for you.

    If instead, you intend to go for long joyrides on the weekends, range may not be something you’re willing to compromise on. In this case, a heavier e-scooter may be a better fit for your lifestyle.

  • Have lower top speeds – Many lightweight electric scooters are fast, but they’re usually not quite as fast as heavier models. That’s because they don’t have the same amount of motor power. Even so, some lightweight electric scooters can still reach top speeds of up to 25 mph (40 kmh). If you only plan to ride around your city casually, 15 to 20 mph is likely more than enough speed.

    In contrast, if you want to ride like the wind, you may need a more powerful model that can better meet your need for speed. 
  • May not lower max loads – Every electric scooter has a set weight capacity. This max load lets you know how much weight your electric scooter can carry safely. On average, lightweight e-scooters can hold up to 220 pounds. Riders who weigh more than this may need to invest in a heavier electric scooter that can better support their weight.

  • May not have inferior suspension systems – If you opt for a cheaper lightweight e-scooter, you run the risk of missing out on some important features, like a high-quality suspension system. E-scooter suspension systems can make a notable difference in the comfort of your ride. The suspension system is responsible for absorbing the unevenness of the road as you whiz over potholes, rocks, and curbs. If your e-scooter’s suspension is subpar, you’re in for a much bumpier ride.

    Luckily, some lightweight electric scooters still provide exceptional suspension, like ours at Apollo Scooters. 

As you can see, purchasing a lightweight e-scooter comes with some give and take. For instance, you may swap swifter speeds to enjoy a little more portability. As long as a lightweight electric scooter comes with the qualities you prioritize most, these tradeoffs make sense. 

What is the Lightest Electric Scooter?

At this point, you may be wondering, how light can electric scooters get? Unsurprisingly, the lightest e-scooters are made for children. Tiny riders can get kid-sized vehicles that weigh as little as 10 pounds.

When it comes to e-scooters for adults, some of the lightest options on the market right now are our Apollo Air and Apollo City scooters. These super-light e-scooters weigh less than 40 lbs.

What is the Best Lightweight Electric Scooter?

While some electric scooters boast impressively low weights (some below 20 lbs), their flimsy construction can lead them to be uncomfortable to ride, unstable, and more likely to break down in the near future. If you’re going to invest in an e-scooter, you should also consider its:

  • Durability
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Overall performance

With these factors in mind, the best lightweight electric scooter will be light enough for you to carry comfortably, while still providing you with the range, speed, stability, suspension, and safety features you require.

Top 3 Lightweight Electric Scooters

Here at Apollo Scooters, we have three lightweight, high-performance electric scooter models that check all of the boxes:

  • Apollo Air – As its name suggests, the Apollo Air is light as a feather. Weighing just 35 pounds, it’s easy to carry around, whether you’re catching the bus, walking up the stairs, or taking the elevator.It also comes with a:
    • Single motor 
    • Top speed of 15 mph
    • Up to 12 miles of range
    • Weight of 35 lb
    • Max load of 220 lb
    • Front spring suspension
    • Rear disc brake
  • Apollo Air Pro – If you have a little extra room in your budget, you may want to upgrade to the Apollo Air Pro. This e-scooter maintains a low weight, but it offers a little more power, range, and shock-absorbing suspension.

Here are its key specs:

    • Single motor 
    • Top speed of 18 mph
    • Up to 18 miles of range
    • Weight of 38.5 lb
    • Max load of 220 lb
    • Font dual fork suspension
    • Front drum brake

  • Apollo City – Finally, we have our top pick for city commuters, the Apollo City. This sleek ride bundles power and portability all in one. While it's not quite as lightweight as the Apollo Air, it’s still easy to carry around. Better yet, it offers enough speed and range to let you explore your town, whether you want to have room for a few detours on your work commute or take it for a longer spin on the weekends.

  • Here are its key specs:

    • Single motor
    • Top speed of 25 mph
    • Up to 28 miles of range
    • Weight of 39 lb
    • Max load of 265 lb
    • Dual spring suspension system
    • Folding handlebars and stem

Which is the Best Lightweight Mobility Scooter From Apollo?

No matter which one of our electric scooter models matches your priority list, you can rest assured that your new Apollo ride will last the test of time. 

Each of our e-scooters has been tested extensively for safety, stability, and overall performance. In turn, they all come equipped with outstanding braking systems, innovative suspension, and durable construction.

Ready to make one of our lightweight e-scooters your permanent sidekick? Explore our portable, affordable rides at Apollo Scooters today. 


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