Finding the Best Premium Entry-Level Electric Scooter

Finding the Best Premium Entry-Level Electric Scooter

When navigating the electric scooter market, you’ll come across a few different categories. Beginner scooters are often referred to as either “budget” or “entry-level,” and they often have very basic features, low speeds, and simple controls. 

But not all electric scooters for beginners are so bare-bones. When buying an entry-level scooter, there are some baseline expectations you can have about quality and performance. And then there are the scooters that go a few steps beyond, offering premium features at entry-level prices. 

Overall, you should expect a higher-quality entry-level scooter to perform much better than budget models and dockless rental scooters. However, their features can vary widely: some entry-level scooters have suspension systems, some do not; some are small and compact, some are considerably heavier. 

In this article, we’ll look at a selection of premium entry level scooters on the market in 2024 so that you can compare features and prices and determine the type of scooter that best meets your needs. 

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Scooter Buying at the Entry-Level: Comparing the Best Affordable Options

If you are looking to save some money while still enjoying the benefits of a premium electric scooter – such as higher speeds, long range, and comfortable ride quality on rough roads – there are plenty of affordable options available. 

Many manufacturers offer entry-level models that are priced competitively without compromising on quality and features. Keep an eye out for scooters from known brands with solid build quality, decent battery life, and sufficient power to handle your daily commute.

When exploring entry-level options, always consider the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer. A reliable warranty can provide peace of mind and protect your investment in case of any unexpected issues. 

Additionally, researching user reviews and feedback can give you valuable insights into the overall performance and durability of the scooter you are considering.

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Finding Your Scooter

One of the most important considerations when choosing a budget scooter is reliability, but there are many other factors to consider as well. To simplify your decision-making process, here are some essential tips to consider if you’re just getting started:

  • Identify your commuting needs: Determine the distance you plan to travel, and the terrain you'll encounter. This assessment will help you make realistic decisions about how much range you need in a budget scooter. Be prepared to get around 60-80% of manufacturer estimates, since those numbers are obtained in ideal conditions. 
  • Assess safety features: Look for scooters with reliable braking systems, effective lighting, and components that prioritize rider safety. While top speed is important, you probably won’t find yourself riding over 20 mph very often if you ride a scooter in an urban area. The most important thing is staying safe and looking out for those around you. 
  • Consider portability: If you need to carry your scooter or have limited storage space, choose a model that is lightweight and easy to fold. Typically scooters that weigh 35 pounds or less are considered lightweight. If you need a compact model, look for folding handlebars, telescoping stems, and other conveniences that can reduce a scooter's footprint when you don’t need it. 

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2024 Entry-Level Electric Scooters

There’s no single answer to the question, “what’s the best premium entry-level scooter in 2024,” since there’s no such thing as one scooter that works for every kind of rider.

The electric scooters below are some of the best entry-level scooters on the market today. Each of these scooters has its strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll want to identify which features suit your needs.

Some riders need dual-motor power to climb steep hills in their area, some need high levels of water resistance to commute in frequent rain, and some need large batteries to travel long distances to work and back. Whatever your commuting requirements, you can find a scooter that meets them, at an affordable price. 

Segway Ninebot Max G2 — $999

The original Segway Ninebot Max remains one of the most well-known single motor commuter scooters ever made, only slightly less popular than the legendary Xiaomi M365, which is no longer available in North America.

Versions of the Segway Ninebot Max have made up shared dockless scooter fleets, and they have held up well under heavy use, exposure, and occasional abuse. 

The Segway Ninebot MAX G2 improves on the original in almost every way except its weight, but the extra pounds are mostly due to a suspension system that softens the ride quality and makes this one of the best entry-level scooters you can buy in 2024.

The Max G2 is good for riding in the rain, and its app helps you track range and real-time analytics with Segway’s RideyLONG technology. 

EMOVE Cruiser S — $1,199

Another update of a longtime favorite among electric scooter enthusiasts, the single motor EMOVE Cruiser has become legendary for its long range — over 40 miles on a single charge, at speeds of up to 30+mph. 

The Cruiser is also a great scooter for bad weather, with an IPX6 water resistance rating. It’s got a compact (if a little dated) design, with folding handlebars and a stem that collapses down when not in use and that adjusts to different rider heights when unfolded. 

And the S? That stands for “Super” – as in, the updated Cruiser has even more power than the original, for higher top speeds and faster acceleration. 

NIU KQi Air – $1,399

NIU makes great single motor entry-level electric scooters and the KQi Air is one of the best, with its curved, spacious deck, rock-solid build, and unique lighting profile. 

This is also one of the lightest and most portable electric scooters on the market at only 26 pounds, thanks to its carbon fiber frame. (The KQi Air X is fully carbon-fiber, the KQi Air uses some magnesium in the frame build). 

The KQi Air/Air X comes with a dependable warranty and specs that best most other scooters in its price class. This is a premium entry-level scooter that intermediate riders love and experts will keep in the trunk of their car for last-mile runs. 

Apollo Go — $1,199

The Apollo Go is a premium entry-level scooter with all the bells and whistles. For the price of many highly-rated single motor scooters, the Go offers dual motor power for attacking hills and rougher roads, as well as dual spring/rubber suspension and 8.5” self-healing tubeless tires for luxurious ride quality. 

The Go also features most of the same anti-theft and safety tech in the Apollo Pro, including the option to use your phone as the primary display (or use the built-in dot-matrix display), and 360-degree lighting for maximum visibility. 

Entry-level riders looking for the best scooter available for the money should add the Apollo Go to the top of their list as one of the best entry-level scooters of 2024. 

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