Apollo Scooters Launches The Apollo Go: SWIFT. SLEEK. SMART

Apollo Scooters Launches The Apollo Go: SWIFT. SLEEK. SMART

[Montreal, February 7th] – Apollo Scooters is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation in the electric scooter market, the Apollo Go. Designed to address the needs of daily commuters seeking both performance and comfort, the Apollo Go redefines the scooter experience with its outstanding features in a compact design.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Apollo Scooters understands that today's scooter riders demand more than just a mode of transportation; they seek a seamless and comfortable ride without compromising on performance. Traditional scooters often fall short in these areas, where those scooters who have the power are bulky and heavy, or they fall short in power and speed. The Apollo Go is here to change that narrative.

The Apollo Go is a game-changer, addressing core consumer needs and offering exceptional value for money. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Unbeatable Value, Uncompromising Power: The Apollo Go stands out as the only scooter in its price class equipped with dual motors, suspension, and yet, weight of under 50 pounds. Reaching top speeds of 27mph and a range of up to 30 miles, it redefines the concept of maximum performance within a compact and lightweight package.
  • Engineered to Impress: The Apollo Go includes the acclaimed ApolloID system, including luxury features such as Power RBS, PunctureGuard tires, Airflow suspension, IP66 water resistance, and even phone as display.
  • Simplicity in Motion, Endurance in Mind: The Apollo Go has been crafted to give users a seamless experience and reduce maintenance needs in the long term, making it a superior experience. 
  • Urban Guardian: Where Safety Meets Visibility - With its advanced lighting system, the Apollo Go ensures unparalleled visibility compared to any other scooter in its class. Equipped with stem lights, handlebar turning lights, and deck lights, as well as stop lights, we prioritize your safety, allowing you to ride with confidence and peace of mind.

The Apollo Go is made to stand out

Crafted to redefine your urban commuting experience, the Apollo Go is not just another scooter; it's a remarkable fusion of power, portability, and cutting-edge technology. With dual motors propelling you to a thrilling top speed of 28 MPH, a featherlight frame that effortlessly carries up to 265 pounds, an Airflow suspension system for a smooth city ride, unmatched visibility thanks to its comprehensive lighting, IP66-rated resilience against the elements, and self-healing technology to ease maintenance concerns – the Apollo Go is a true standout in its class, promising a ride like no other.

The Apollo Promise, it makes a difference

The Apollo Go, one of Apollo Scooters' exceptional creations, comes with the commitment of the Apollo Promise, a pledge to deliver an unparalleled experience to all our riders. This commitment encompasses:

  • Designed in Canada: Crafted in Canada, the Apollo Go reflects a dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring riders experience the best in scooter technology.
  • Featuring the ApolloID: (Apollo Integrated Design), the Apollo Go ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, adding convenience to every ride.
  • Proven Reliability: Our scooter has undergone rigorous testing over 10,000 kilometers to guarantee unmatched durability and reliability, ensuring it stands the test of time and your daily commutes. We also conducted a comprehensive beta testing program where our valued customers actively tested the Apollo Go in real-life conditions. During this program, the beta testers collectively covered more than 6,000 kilometers and provided invaluable feedback. We've carefully listened to their insights and suggestions, implementing them to enhance the quality and deliver the best riding experience possible in our scooter.

At Apollo Scooters, we believe that everyone deserves a top-notch experience without compromise. The Apollo Go combines power, style, and convenience, setting new standards in the electric scooter market. We're excited to bring this innovation to our customers.

The Apollo Go is now available for pre-order at www.apolloscooters.co , and it's time for scooter enthusiasts to experience the future of urban commuting. For more information, please visit www.apolloscooters.co   

About Apollo Scooters:

Apollo Scooters is a leading innovator in the electric scooter industry, dedicated to providing high-quality, performance-driven scooters for urban commuters and scooter enthusiasts. Based in Montreal, Canada, Apollo Scooters combines cutting-edge technology with Canadian craftsmanship to deliver a superior riding experience.

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