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Apollo Phantom 2023 (V3) Electric Scooter Release Update

Apollo Phantom 2023 (V3) Electric Scooter Release Update

The long-anticipated Apollo Phantom 2023 (V3) is officially being released on March 15th, 2023. It will be available for immediate shipping anywhere in North America and is expected to retail for $2,299 USD or $2,799 CAD. Promotions will be available for the first 100 orders. To get first access upon release, sign up to our newsletter.

The Apollo Phantom 2023 electric scooter is the first high-performance scooter to offer many ground-breaking features. Powered by our proprietary MACH1 controller (similar to the one used in the upcoming Apollo Pro), Phantom 2023 gains a number of superpowers unavailable to other high-performance scooters:

  • App connectivity - Apollo Phantom 2023 (V3) joins our growing line-up of smart scooters. Use the app to navigate to your destination, record trips, get dynamic range estimates, adjust regenerative braking and acceleration settings, and much more. Watch our app walkthrough here.
  • Improved performance - the new and improved MACH1 controller generating 25 amps of power per motor allows for improved top speed and acceleration. This is the main driver behind our decision to discontinue the Phantom 60V. The 52V system combined with the efficiency and performance of the MACH1 controller will enable a top speed of 41 MPH (66 KMH), previously only attainable by the 60V version. This allows us to bring an equally performing scooter with connected features at a lower price than the Phantom 60V ($2,499 USD).
  • Regenerative braking - popularized with the launch of the Apollo City, regenerative braking became the main form of braking across the Apollo line-up. A dedicated throttle on the left side of the handlebar creates an ultra-smooth braking force using the motors, while re-charging the battery up to 10%. This allows for a highly controlled, yet effective braking force to be created. The effectiveness and popularity of the regen brake are the main forces behind our decision to expand the regen brake feature to the rest of the portfolio. We remain committed to bringing the safest and highest quality riding experience without added costs. For more information on regenerative braking and how it works, feel free to reference our tutorial video here.
  • New throttle design - featuring the 7th generation of Apollo throttles, the Phantom builds on tens thousands of riders’ feedback. Larger paddles allow for more comfortable contact with the throttle, new spring mechanism provides for quick feedback, and larger buttons are easy to press - even with gloves on. These hardware design features, combined with exceptional firmware and software allow for an unprecedented degree of control over the acceleration and braking on the Phantom 2023 (V3).
  • All new display - we heard your feedback loud and clear. The new Phantom 2023 (V3) display features the same key information you loved on the Phantom V2 display, only packaged in a larger display with double the refresh rate. The display is also designed to be closer to the plastic casing, reducing glare and improving visibility.
  • Front turn signals - perhaps the most anticipated safety feature of all. At last, front deck turn signals are here.

We are incredibly excited to launch the Apollo Phantom 2023 (V3), a project that’s been in the works since 2020. We believe it offers the most complete feature set of any high-performance scooter on the market today. Coupled with its classic design, our 24/7 Canadian support, and 10+ servicing centers across North America, the Phantom makes for an exceptional high-performance scooter choice.

For anyone currently riding the Phantom V2 electric scooter, we offer an upgrade kit which turns your V2 into a V3. The V2 is our best-selling model due to its muscular geometry, riding comfort, and impressive performance. For a quick recap of the differences between these two electric scooter models, reference the below table:

Apollo Phantom V2 Apollo Phantom V3
Display HEX LX (2x refresh rate and anti-glare)
Brake Mechanical/hydraulic Regen + mechanical/hydraulic
App-enabled No Yes
Controller Stock MACH1
Top speed 38 MPH   41 MPH
Turn signals Read only Front and rear

There is a limited quantity of Apollo Phantom V3 units being released on March 15th. In order to maximize your chances of purchasing one, sign up to our newsletter.

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