5 Scooter Hacks Only the Pros Know

Have you ever wanted to know how to get the most out of your scooter? Interested in learning some tips and tricks? Well, we’ll let you in on a few secrets that only the pros know!

TIP 1: How To Extend Your Range

The first tip that pro scooter riders know is how to monitor and manage their scooter range to get the most out of it, so they don’t get stranded on the side of the road somewhere far from home. 

Travel light. The heavier the load on the scooter, the less performance and range you’ll get out of it. It’s like if you were to compare how many pushups you could do on your own, vs when you have someone sitting on your back. You’re probably going to tire out a lot quicker with extra weight on you. 

After that, you can do things like finding the most efficient route to get where you need to go, avoiding steep hills, and riding at slower speeds as much as possible. This is because the battery has a limited capacity, you can either ride at high speeds for a short amount of time or a longer range at slower speeds. Unfortunately, the technology is not there yet where we can have both. 

TIP 2: Battery Management

When buying a scooter for the first time, battery management seems like a whole new world. 

Most electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries. The same as what’s in your cell phone! It’s basically common knowledge now that you shouldn’t leave your phone plugged in for too long, charge it too much, or let it completely drain to 0. Your scooter is pretty much the same. 

It’s important to know that all our chargers are “smart chargers” and have a shut-off function once the scooter is fully charged. However, it’s not completely fail-safe and it will still have a little bit of leakage while plugged in. So it is ok to plug your scooter in overnight to charge, so you have a full battery in the morning, but it’s best not to leave it plugged in any longer than that, as it can damage your battery’s overall lifespan. 

Lastly, there’s the question of fast chargers. These are superchargers that have a higher power output to charge your scooter faster and decrease the charging time. While these are safe to use, it’s not recommended to use them all the time. Especially if you’re using it as your main charger to completely fill the battery each time. Fast chargers work best in a pinch, if you need a quick top-off and only have a couple of of of of hours or so to wait. Maybe you bring one with you to the office so you can give yourself a quick charge at work. 

TIP 3: Proper Storage

All riders should know how to properly store their scooter when not in use. 

A lot of people will simply stick their scooter in the garage, or closet, and then just forget about it during the winter months or any extended period of time. But it’s important to know that just like your phone, your scooter battery will slowly deplete over time, even when not in use. 

Best practices when storing your scooter is to keep it somewhere relatively warm, preferably inside the house, and maintain the battery levels around 75-80% if storing it long-term. Be sure to check on your scooter at least once a month or so to ensure it’s still in the ideal battery range.

Leaving your scooter out in the cold, or exposed to the elements, is a great way to ensure your battery dies faster than normal. 

TIP 4: Self Maintenance 

Every pro scooter rider needs to know how to perform basic maintenance on their scooter from time to time to get the most out of it and reduce their potential repair costs. 

Now we’re not talking about knowing how to replace your motor hub or the battery, or rewire the communication cables. Basic maintenance is about knowing how to adjust your brakes, lubricate the suspension and bearings, or knowing how to clean your scooter. 

We have lots of tip videos and how-tos on how to perform each of these basic tasks, so be sure to check these videos out to get more detailed information! 

Apollo scooter

TIP 5: How to Customize Your Scooter Settings

Finally, the last pro tip that you should know is how to customize your scooter’s settings within the Apollo app

Now at the time of writing this guide, the App is currently only compatible with the Air, and Air Pro, the new 2022 Apollo City, and the upcoming V3 Phantom. With more models to come! 

Within the app, you can directly control and adjust your speed and acceleration settings, regen braking strength, lock your scooter, and much more. 

So if you’ve ever wanted to be more connected to your scooter than ever before, track and plan your rides, and monitor your battery range and capacity with amazing accuracy, the Apollo App is an absolute must. 

In an age where even your fridge has an app and Bluetooth capabilities, why shouldn’t your scooter? 

To learn more about these hacks, check out this video!



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