5 Scooter Hacks Only the Pros Know

5 Scooter Hacks Only the Pros Know - Apollo Scooters

Have you ever wanted to know how to get the most out of your scooter? Interested in learning some tricks to improve your game? Well, we’ll let you in on a few secrets that only the pros know!

Tip #1 Managing Scooter Range

Apollo Long Range Electric Scooters

The long-range electric scooter hacks below can help you get much more out of your e-scooter and avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Charge Regularly — The first and most obvious way to ensure you have enough range is to make sure your scooter is always adequately charged. We recommend charging your scooter when it dips to around 25-50% power remaining.

Travel Light — Number one is to travel light. The heavier the load on the scooter, the less performance and range you'll get out of it.

Choose Efficient Routes — You can also find the most efficient route to get where you need to go, avoid steep hills, and ride at slower speeds as much as possible.

Regenerative Braking — You can also rely on your scooter's regenerative braking system more so than your physical brakes. All our scooters have a built-in regen system that's usually engaged by pressing down the brake handle slightly before the physical brakes are applied.

Tip #2 Battery Management

Charging Habits — Like we mentioned before, it's best to charge your scooter when the battery dips to around 25 to 50 percent, and the ideal battery range is between 25 and 80 percent.

Smart Chargers — It's important to know that our chargers are smart and have a shut-off function when the scooter is fully charged. However, it's not entirely fail-safe and will still have a little leakage when plugged in. So it is ok to plug your scooter in overnight to charge, so you have a full battery in the morning, but it’s best not to leave it plugged in any longer than that, as it can damage your battery’s overall lifespan. 

Fast Chargers — Lastly, there’s the question of fast chargers. These are superchargers that have a higher power output to charge your scooter faster and decrease the charging time. While these are safe to use, using them all the time is not recommended. Especially if you’re using it as your main charger to completely fill the battery each time. Fast chargers work best in a pinch if you need a quick top-off and only have a couple of hours or so to wait.

Apollo Pro Riding on the Street

Tip #3 Storing Your Scooter

Battery Depletion — Many people will simply stick their scooter in the garage or closet and then forget about it during the winter months or any extended period. But it’s important to know that just like your phone, your scooter battery will slowly deplete over time, even when not in use. 

Storage Conditions — So best practice when storing your scooter is to keep it somewhere relatively warm, preferably inside the house, and maintain the battery levels around 75 to 80% if storing is long-term.

Tip #4 Basic Maintenance

Apollo Pro Covered for 10000km

DIY Care — Every pro scooter rider needs to know how to perform basic maintenance on their scooter occasionally to get the most out of it and reduce their potential repair costs. 

We’re not talking about how to replace your motor hub or the battery or rewire the communication cables. Basic maintenance is about knowing how to adjust your brakes, lubricate the suspension and bearings, or knowing how to clean your scooter. No worries. We've got many video tips and how-tos on performing these basic tasks.

Tip #5 Customize with the Apollo App

Apollo App

Features — Within the Apollo App, you can directly control and adjust your speed and acceleration settings, regen and brake strength, lock your scooter, and much more. The app will allow you to control your experience in much greater detail. Sounds bothersome? Because you just want to enjoy the ride? But believe us when we say it’ll open a whole world of new possibilities before you. 

So if you’ve ever wanted to be more connected to your scooter than ever before, track and plan your rides, and monitor your battery range and capacity with amazing accuracy, the Apollo App is an absolute must. 

And there you have it. You are now officially a scooter pro, but if you want to learn more about these hacks, check out this video!

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    1. Tip #1 Managing Scooter Range
    2. Tip #2 Battery Management
    3. Tip #3 Storing Your Scooter
    4. Tip #4 Basic Maintenance
    5. Tip #5 Customize with the Apollo App