Find the Best Electric Scooter for You: Apollo 2023-2024 Lineup

Find the Best Electric Scooter for You: Apollo 2023-2024 Lineup

Welcome to Apollo's Electric Scooter Showcase! We are excited to present six unique models suitable for all types of riders — from beginners to seasoned veterans. By the end of this post, you'll surely find the scooter that's just right for you.

1. Apollo Air 2023 

According to E.S.G., the Air 2023 is the best electric scooter under $1,000. Don't let its compact size deceive you. This model can support up to 220 pounds, reach speeds up to 21 mph, and travel a range of 31 miles. It boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum build, a spacious deck, a wide handlebar, dual braking, self-healing tires, front suspension, 360 lights, whip turn signals, and an IP66 water resistance rating. It's ideal for those new to electric scooters or those needing a reliable daily commute.

Explore the impressive tech specs of Apollo Air 2023 here!

2. Apollo City 2023 


City 2023 is our most acclaimed scooter. It offers single or dual motor options, can reach speeds up to 32 mph, and has a 38-mile range. The City features a triple suspension system, self-healing tires, a Regen Brake system, an aircraft-grade aluminum build, IP66 water resistance, and the Apollo app for customization and navigation. But what really sets this e-scooter apart are its built-in turn signals + front and rear lights. As a result of these features, it’s the perfect fit for daily commuters who want to enhance their safety and general travel experience.

Discover the cutting-edge tech specs of Apollo City 2023 Pro right here!

3. Apollo Phantom 2023

Apollo Phantom 2023

The Phantom is a customer favorite and our bestseller. It promises a thrilling 41 mph top speed and a 40-mile range. With its quadruple suspension, spacious deck, M.T.B. handlebar, Mach 1 controller, dual disc brakes, turn signals, and forged aluminum frame, it's a high-performance recreational ride. 

Not to mention the exclusive Ludo mode that sets it apart, the Phantom is for you if you're seeking a scooter that doesn't hold back.

Dive into the advanced tech specs of Phantom 2023 now!

4. Apollo Pro 2023

Apollo Pro 2023

Introducing our first hyperscooter, the Apollo Pro — the ultimate in luxury. This model redefines the industry with a 44 mph top speed and a 64-mile range. Its revolutionary unibody frame, phone-as-display technology, Mac2 controller with Bluetooth and GPS, built-in speaker, 360 lighting, and motorcycle-style kickstand make it stand out in bold relief from other scooters. 

Check out our videos or consult experts like Paul from Rider Guide for an in-depth look. It's designed for adventurous riders ready to experience the future of electric scooters.

Explore the remarkable tech specs of Apollo Pro 2023 here!

These E-scooters are bound to disrupt the market soon:

5. Apollo Go (available soon!)

The Apollo Go is a fusion of sleek design and unparalleled performance that boasts a top speed of 27 mph and can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. Its lightweight and water-resistant frame make it a great choice for urban commuters. 

The Go also features luxury components from the Apollo Pro, including 360-degree C.O.B. Lighting and Phone-as-display technology. With 9-inch self-healing tires, dual rear spring suspension, and the Apollo app for customized settings, the Go promises a smooth and safe ride. Enjoy the same style and comfort of the Apollo Pro but at a more accessible price. 

6. Apollo Explore (available soon!)

The new Apollo Explore is a compact yet powerful e-scooter, featuring a groundbreaking DualDeck Platform and Quick-Swap Battery for enhanced versatility. It boasts a 52V battery supporting dual motors, a sleek unibody frame, and dynamic 360° RGB lighting for stylish, visible rides. Additionally, the Explore offers smart connectivity via the Apollo App, dual motor performance with a top speed of 34 mph, and self-healing tires for durability

Wrapping up

Whether you're a casual rider, daily commuter, or speed demon, Apollo has the perfect electric scooter for you. Dive into the electric revolution and ride with Apollo. If you just can’t decide which one to choose, you can always take the quiz to find your heart’s desire!

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    5. These E-scooters are bound to disrupt the market soon:
    6. 5. Apollo Go (available soon!)
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