Quad Lock Non-Charging Phone Mount

Precio de venta$15.00 USD

Apollo Pro Quad Lock (Non-Charging) Phone Mount

Keep your navigational needs and Apollo App use at your fingertips with this essential Quad Lock Phone Mount, designed specifically as a spare replacement for the Apollo Pro. It's the perfect match if you're looking to replace the pre-installed mount that came with your scooter.

Ride with Assurance:

  • Your smartphone remains securely attached during your rides, allowing for uninterrupted GPS navigation and app usage.

Tailored Compatibility:

  • This Phone Mount is tailored exclusively for the Apollo Pro scooter, ensuring a perfect fit and secure hold.


  • The Phone Mount comes standard on the Apollo Pro. If you ever need a replacement, this item is the exact spare you’re looking for, maintaining the integrity and functionality of your original setup.
  • It’s available for individual purchase and can be installed by the user or professionally at any of Apollo's Certified Shops.

Stay On Track:

  • Whether you're replacing a lost mount or simply want a backup, this Phone Mount is the ideal solution, ensuring your Apollo Pro remains equipped for all your journeys.