Apollo City 2024 Kickstand

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This item is on pre-order: Expected to ship by mid-June. To learn more about pre-orders, click here.

Expected to ship by mid-June

Apollo City 2024 Kickstand - Ultimate Stability and Style

Introducing the Apollo City 2024 Kickstand, our sturdiest design yet! Expertly crafted for the modern scooter enthusiast, this kickstand combines robust functionality with sleek aesthetics to enhance your Apollo City experience.

Superior Construction:

  • Composed of three parts made from high-grade aluminum, this kickstand promises unmatched durability and support for your scooter.

Enhanced Stability:

  • Each segment is encased in high-quality rubber with a built-in textured surface, ensuring your scooter remains stable and secure when parked. The advanced design prevents slippage and makes sure your scooter stands firm on various types of terrain.

Sleek Design:

  • Not only is it strong, but the Apollo City 2024 Kickstand also features a stylish design that complements the sleek look of your scooter. A perfect touch of our iconic orange accentuates its modern aesthetic, making it as pleasing to the eye as it is functional.

Perfect Fit for Apollo City 2022-24:

  • Tailored for the Apollo City 2022/2023/2024 models, this kickstand integrates seamlessly with your City scooter, enhancing both its utility and overall appearance.

Elevate your parking experience with the Apollo City 2024 Kickstand—where functionality meets elegance. Give your scooter the support it deserves while keeping it poised and ready for your next ride.