Apollo Scooter Tracker: USA Pre-Order Delivery Updates

Apollo Scooter Tracker: USA Pre-Order Delivery Updates

Welcome To Your Apollo Scooter Pre-Order Tracker

Updated weekly, this page provides the latest status and estimates on delivery dates for your Apollo pre-order. 

Estimated Delivery Times - Updated May 13th, 2024


Apollo Pro 

Order From Order To Estimated Shipping Date
US49936 - Late May


 Product Name Estimated Shipping Date
Apollo City/City Pro 2023 Stem Assembly Upgrade Kit 1st wave: mid-May, 
2nd wave: mid-June
Apollo Headlight Late May
Apollo Lock Late May
Apollo Powered Air Pump Late May
Apollo Handlebar Extender Late June
APOLLO GO Carry Bag Late June
APOLLO GO Fast Charger Late June
Apollo Mirrors July
Quad Lock Universal Adapter Early June
Quad Lock Charging Phone Mount Late May
Quad Lock Non-Charging Phone Mount Late May
Apollo Connect+ Module Late May

What is a pre-order? 

Preordering an e-scooter (or other item) lets you reserve a model before its release/availability. Estimated delivery dates for preorders can change. For new orders, check the delivery estimate under the "Add" button on the product page. See example below:

If you've already placed an order, this blog provides the most current delivery updates. We aim to provide the latest, accurate information here. Still, if you have questions or concerns about your order, please visit our contact page.

We're here to assist and ensure a smooth Apollo Scooter experience.

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