Apollo Ghost: Best Adult Electric Scooter?

Apollo Ghost: Best Adult Electric Scooter? - Apollo Scooters

November 5, 2020

Apollo Ghost: Is It The Best Adult Electric Scooter?

Inspired by the holy grail of electric scooters

When the community speaks, we listen! By far, the most requested product over the last year has been an entry level dual motor electric scooter.

Yes, it's finally here. The Apollo Ghost. And we could not be more excited!

When designing the Ghost, we felt the best thing to do would be to work backwards. So we started with the holy grail of dual motor scooters, our Apollo Pro. The end result is the most refined, compact, and affordable dual motor scooter in the game!

The Ghost was designed for all those of you that have been eyeing the Apollo Pro, but could never quite justify pulling the trigger due to size or price.

- Sean Devlin, Director of Customer Support @ Apollo

The most compact and refined adult electric scooter

The Ghost is built using beautifully crafted forged aluminum. Keeping with our goal of making it lighter and more portable, we introduced a hollow frame design to trim down some of the weight.

This allowed for a 17% reduction in weight as compared to the Apollo Pro without any sacrifices in quality or riding comfort. Weighing in at only 29KG, this is the lightest dual motor scooter in our line up. And it can comfortably handle riders weighing up to 300LB or 135KG. Measuring 50 inch tall by 50.5 inches long, by 9.3 inches wide with a stem 41.5 inches tall, the Ghost is perfectly suitable for riders measuring between 5’3” and 6’3” or roughly 160cm to 195cm.

The Ghost comes equipped with dual 800W motors, one in each wheel. At their peak output, each motor generates 1000W or 2000W in total. What this means for you is that the Ghost can hit top speeds of up to 55 KMH or 34 MPH. So yes, this Ghost can really fly! If you're a speed demon or adrenaline junkie, you're going to love this thing. In terms of acceleration the Ghost can get from 0 to 25 KMH (15 MPH) in 3.1 seconds, or 0 to 40 KMH (25 MPH)in 5.3 seconds.

For comparison when looking at the 0 to 40KMH (25 MPH), this is 45% faster than our single motor Explore and about 37 % faster than the dual motor Mercane Widewheel Pro. Alright, but let's be honest. All that speed and performance will mean nothing if you have to live next to a charging outlet. So what about battery battery life? The Ghost features a 52V 18.2aH or 947 watt hour battery, and can achieve an average range of up to 62 KM or 39 miles when riding in the lowest speed settings.

When pushing at max speed, full power settings, the battery range will be closer to 14 miles. On average, you can the range to be in the 40 KM or 25 mile area. For the sake of transparency, we test drove the Ghost on a flat track on a warm sunny day with the average rider weighing 80 KG or 176 LB. For the minimum speed settings, we had the scooter in gear 1, single motor, and eco mode. For the maximum speed settings, we put it in gear 3, dual motor, and turbo mode. When you do eventually find yourself out of battery, the Ghost has two charging ports allowing you to cut down the regular charge time from 12 hours to 6 hours.

Lastly, courtesy of its dual motors, the Ghost is a hill-climber extraordinaire, capable of tackling the steepest hills we could find without any hesitation.

Comfort And Electric Scooters: Rough Relationship

Next up, let’s talk about arguably the most exciting feature of the Ghost - comfort. The name Ghost was originally inspired by the way this machine floats and glides through the city.

This should give you an idea of how incredible the ride quality is. This is in large part due to the dual spring suspension in the front and rear, very similar to that of the Apollo Pro. Something worth mentioning is that we made the suspension easily adjustable in the Ghost, so that riders can choose their own softness depending on where they ride. The Ghost also features 10 inch pneumatic tires, which make for a great option when cruising over potholes or jumping off sidewalks. Just kidding…

As you can see by now, the Ghost packs more in less. The same remains true with safety - equipped with the most efficient braking system we know, disc brakes, the Ghost offers strong
braking performance. With two disc brakes (one in the front and one in the rear) and a re-gen brake triggered by the brake handle, the Ghost brakes in 23 ft (7 meters) from 40 KMH (MPH equivalent) or 8 ft (2.4 meters) from 25 KMH.

Despite these high-performance specs, the Ghost remains portable. Weighing only 29 KG (64 LB), it measures 50 inch tall by 50.5 inches long, by 9.3 inches wide. This makes it portable enough to pick up with one arm and fit in the trunk of a city car. While it’s
certainly not the Ninebot ES2 of scooters, you can still carry it up
the stairs and transport it as needed. That said a side benefit of the hollow frame design is that it provides for a multitude of locking spots - so if you are not in a position to carry the Ghost for miles, locking it up is a breeze.

The Ghost features the same display as any other Apollo scooter, offering the same great technology - from displaying the remaining battery charge and speed, to showing more detailed information like voltage levels and error codes should any issues occur. One of our favourite features is the hidden USB charging
port in the back of the display, making sure you don’t run out of

For those of you living in wet places, rest assured the Ghost is IPX4 water resistant. This means that although it is not water proof, it can be operated in light rain and on wet surfaces.

This brings us to the last part - who is the Ghost for and should you buy it? The Ghost was designed for all those of you that have been eyeing the Apollo Pro, but could never quite justify pulling the
trigger due to size or price. The Ghost is a much more practical
vehicle, that keeps all of the best features that the Pro is so well known for, such as the suspension, incredible acceleration, and build quality, and brings them at a more accessible price point.

So if you are looking for a great looking scooter that was designed with obsessive attention to detail, offering addicting acceleration and industry leading suspension, all while remaining reasonably sized and priced - the Ghost is your bullseye.

Check out Apollo Ghost below:

Written by Randy Smith

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