Quad Lock Charging Phone Mount

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This item is on pre-order: Expected to ship by late May. To learn more about pre-orders, click here.

Expected to ship by late May

Upgrade Your Apollo Pro with the Wireless Charging Phone Mount

Transform your Apollo Pro riding experience with the ultimate upgrade: The Quad Lock Wireless Charging Phone Mount. Replace the standard, non-charging phone mount that comes pre-installed on your Apollo Pro with this innovative accessory. Not only can you use the Apollo App and GPS navigation effortlessly, but you can also keep your smartphone's battery fully charged on the go.

Please Note:

  • *The power output for wireless charging may vary based on your phone's brand and model.

Secure Mounting Solution:

  • Your smartphone stays securely in place on the most adventurous rides, ensuring you can focus on the road ahead while it charges.

Exclusive Compatibility:

  • This mount is exclusively designed for the Apollo Pro scooter, enhancing its capabilities and convenience. It is not compatible with other Apollo scooter models.
  • The Quad Lock phone mount is provided separately from the scooter, offering flexibility for installation by the user or at one of Apollo's Certified Shops.

Don't let battery concerns interrupt your journey. With the Wireless Charging Phone Mount, your ride on the Apollo Pro becomes more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.