Apollo Scooters vs. Public Transport: WHO WINS?

Apollo Scooters vs. Public Transport: WHO WINS?

As electric scooters gain popularity in cities across the world, a burning question emerges: Why opt for a scooter when public transportation is available? We decided to put this question to the test in a “fun and friendly” (read fast and furious) race. 

Meet the Racers

Simon and Sean from apollo


Team Apollo — Sean was tasked with representing the electric scooter camp.

Team Metro — Simon, relied on Montreal's public transportation.

The Challenge

In the heart of Montreal, as the sun cast long shadows over the city streets, Sean stood ready for a challenge. Beside him, Simon, looked in anticipation at the bustling metro station nearby. The two set off on a unique race: 

Apollo's electric scooter vs. Montreal's public transportation 

The finish line? The iconic Montreal Biosphere.

Sean riding his scooter towards the iconic Montreal Biosphere.

The goal? To see who can get there first, but that's not all. In this race, we judged three categories:

  • Speed of the journey.
  • Comfort and quality of the ride.
  • Overall cost.

Simon's Metro Adventure 

Armed with Google Maps, Simon embarked on what he anticipated to be a seamless journey. The 19-minute walk to Charlevoix Metro was filled with the sights and sounds of Montreal's bustling streets. 

He reached the metro station, greeted by the familiar hum of trains and the chatter of commuters.

Boarding the green line, Simon found himself amidst a group of tourists, their excitement palpable as they discussed the city's landmarks. 

Upon reaching Berry-UQAM, the transfer to the yellow line was a race in itself. Dodging the rush-hour crowd and navigating the labyrinthine corridors, he finally boarded the train that would take him straight to the Biosphere.

Sean's Scooter Sprint 

Sean was ready to conquer the city streets with his sleek Apollo Air scooter as his steed. The route he had chosen promised a blend of nature and cityscape. 

As he zipped along, he passed joggers, fellow bikers, and families enjoying picnics. The reflections of the city's skyline on the canal's calm waters were picture-perfect, making him wish he'd brought along a camera.

Approaching the Concord Bridge, Sean felt a rush of adrenaline. The bridge, with its majestic arches, offered panoramic views of the city. As he dashed over, he could see boats sailing below and the distant silhouette of the Biosphere beckoning him. 

The final stretch of his journey was a blend of speed and strategy as he navigated through the city's grid, aiming for the quickest route to his destination. The Biosphere's dome grew larger on the horizon, signaling the end of the race. But in whose favor?

The Grand Finish

Sean sitting on a huge blue chair and waiting for Simon.

Sean on his Apollo Air managed to reach the Biosphere first 🥇, with a 10-15 minute lead. Despite the Metro's comforts, Simon had to admit defeat in the speed category. But who really won overall?

The Results

🚀 Speed: This point goes to Apollo and their zippy scooter.

🧸 Ride Quality and Comfort: A close call, but the outdoor experience on the scooter seemed to have a slight edge. 

🏷️ Cost: Simon's round trip was a mere $7. The Apollo Air electric scooter costs $900 so, for this single experiment, Simon took the point. However, if thought of as a (not so) long term investment, it pays off fairly quickly. 

Disclaimer: The race occurred under perfect weather conditions, so we recommend public transportation during torrential rains or freezing winters. 


With a 2 out of 3 win, the Apollo scooter emerged as the overall victor in our friendly race. Both modes have advantages, but the electric scooter is a compelling choice for those looking for speed, freedom, and outdoor fun. 

But do you know what’s the best about these two modes of transportation? 

You can use them both in tandem. Especially when you’d like to go somewhere further away from the city. In such case, you just hop on a train, and hey presto, you can start discovering new locations.

Wrapping up

Sean on his scooter

So, remember our little race next time you decide between hopping on the metro or jumping on a scooter. And as for Simon, he's now eyeing the Apollo scooters for his future commutes. Safe travels, everyone!

If you’re interested in the race and how it went in more detail, you can watch the video here. ⬇️

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Table of contents

    1. Meet the Racers
    2. The Challenge
    3. Apollo's electric scooter vs. Montreal's public transportation 
    4. The Grand Finish
    5. The Results
    6. Conclusion
    7. Wrapping up