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Announcing the Apollo Pro

Announcing the Apollo Pro - Apollo Scooters

Montréal, Canada - June 1 st, 2022

Today, June 1st 2022, the innovative, powerful, and tech-forward Apollo Pro has been announced by Maciek Piskorz, the CEO and Co-Founder of Apollo Scooters at the Micro-mobility Europe 2022 conference, which features micro-mobility electric vehicles and their power to radically transform our cities. The Pro is Apollo’s latest innovation, designed for those riders who understand that how you get there is just as important as where you’re going.

Apollo Pro - Side view
The Apollo Pro is the first electric Hyper Scooter due to its high performance, IoT integrations, and robust personalization capabilities. Released only a couple of months after the launch of the City 2022, the Apollo Pro takes the concepts from the latter and brings them one step forward. Built with people-first design principles in mind, it integrates cutting-edge technology from vehicles, smart phones, and IoT to offer the most comfortable and a safe riding experience. This latest innovation features IoT (internet of things), smart BMS (battery management system), phone as display, amongst numerous other features that make it what is considered to be a one of a kind creation.

Reservations are available starting today, June 1st 2022, for a $20 fully refundable fee and deliveries are expected to occur throughout Q1 of 2023. Although the final pricing is still not available, the expected starting price is $3,599 USD, with the option of financing starting as low as $99 USD per month.

The Apollo Pro

The countless features make this electric scooter unique, luxurious, and at the forefront of technology, in other words a hyper scooter. All of these features have been carefully selected and developed to meet the needs of our customers. Riding a scooter should be easy, enjoyable, and safe, and that is what drove the creation of the Apollo Pro. With 150+ custom components, a proprietary M1 controller, and dual motors, the Apollo Pro is set to conquer any journey, whether it's commuting, off-road, or a pleasure ride, it will make it an enjoyable experience.

Hyper Scooter

This e-scooter has hyper performance. It is expected to cruise at speeds of up to 70 km/h with a maximum range of 100km, currently offering an impressive range.. With two powerful motors, the Apollo Pro is expected to accelerate up to 30km/h in under 3 seconds. To achieve this, Apollo Scooters has developed the proprietary M1 controller, responsible for the record-shattering performance.

The M1 controller does more than powering the scooter. It has GPS connectivity and 10 sensors, allowing it to collect 22 data points every second, allowing users to enjoy a new and improved riding experience. The new features such as fall detection, theft deterrence, and in the short future, collision warning, providing all our riders peace-of-mind when it comes to safety.

This model was designed with the customer in mind, seeking to create the best riding experience for them.Customers will be able to configure all of the settings through the proprietary Apollo App. From the speed, to the acceleration rate, the lights, and the horn, all of its features can be customized to suit the rider’s individualized preferences, making it a superior riding experience.

The tires, chassis, and the build quality makes it a perfect scooter for any type of journey. It also promises the smoothest ride offered on a scooter to date. The Apollo Pro has been designed to use tires 12 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, creating a stable, smooth, and enjoyable ride. To top it off, these tires will have the same technology used in the car industry: a self-healing gel lining. The way it works is by placing the tire directly on the rim with and without an inner tube, a thin layer of gel sits inside, if the tire is punctured the gel will then seal the hole. This revolutionary step reduces the need to change a tire significantly (up to 6 times less frequently*), making scooter ownership less burdensome and more pleasurable.
The hidden screws and the uniform seal around the deck contribute to the waterproof rating, giving owners peace of mind and making it significantly more resistant. It is equipped with a strong headlight in the front, a dedicated rear braking light, and turn signals integrated into the deck and handlebar, together making the scooter extremely visible at any time of the day. A key highlight is that the light system integrated in the deck is fully customizable.

Hyper Smart

With the mission to improve mobility for all, the innovation team has focused on every detail to make the riding experience better in every way from the start to the end.

Apollo has introduced a new way to display riding information by shifting from a traditional LED display to using a smartphone as the display. With a built-in, wireless charging enabled phone holder, users will visualize any feature on the go, from live navigation, to countless personalization options such as riding settings, the light system, and even using the speakers as a boom box. The Apollo Pro is the first scooter that adapts to the rider.

A recurring concern is locking the scooter on the go. To make parking less of a worry,, Apollo Scooters is introducing Apollo Secure. A theft protection package powered by one of the core features f of the Apollo Pro: IoT. For the first time in a scooter, users can now lock and unlock their scooter using the Apollo App. Through integrated IoT technology, users will be able to locate their scooter and activate the alarm system. In case of attempted theft, the locking mechanism will be activated, an alarm will go off, and they will get a direct notification on their mobile device. With these integrations the risk of theft will be significantly reduced.**

Feature configuration, live navigation, remote locking system, the Apollo App has many features to offer, including Apollo Care. Apollo Care is the first extended warranty for electric scooter owners. From $19.99 per month, riders in many US and Canadian cities will have access to on-demand support for maintenance, regular check-ups, and major component replacements. Designed for peace of mind and expanded protection to scooter owners.

Deliberately Safe

Safety is one of the top concerns for customers when acquiring an electric scooter and is the foundational principle in Apollo’s research and development. Apollo’s products are thoroughly tested and the materials used to manufacture our products adhere to strict selection criteria. Apollo’s scooters use high quality aircraft grade aluminum and are constantly upgraded to increase safety using innovative solutions. The Pro is designed to be intuitive and durable, reducing maintenance and providing an overall safer ride.

The Apollo Pro features two different braking mechanisms. A regenerative brake as well as two drum brakes for extra braking power and safety during an emergency stop. The principal braking mechanism is the regenerative braking system, which has high braking capacity and can restore the battery’s life up to 10% while riding. Unlike other braking systems, this type of braking mechanism requires almost no maintenance.

The tires used by the Apollo Pro are wider than other models in our lineup to increase stability and provide more balance while riding. These tires integrate self-healing technology, which helps avoid flats due to punctures, a technology released with the new Apollo City 2022 which launched earlier this year.. The tires have an inner gel-lining which seals the punctures instantaneously, helping riders get from one place to another without worrying about flat tires or having to stop for a repair.

This scooter has a 360 light system, consisting of front and back lights, turning signals, and lighting along the circumference of the deck, making it highly visible during day and night.

The list of innovative features and integrated technology continues. This hyper scooter has numerous features that add up to a luxurious performance, state-of-art riding experience, and is deliberately safe.

About Apollo
Apollo Scooters is a leading mobility company, proudly headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Short-distance travel represents 80% of all trips we take, and Apollo is on a mission to make it better. Apollo designs and manufactures next-generation vehicles that merge hardware and software into a seamless experience. Whether you are commuting, traveling, or simply taking a ride for fun, Apollo recognizes that the journey is as important as the destination, and is determined to meet the expectations. Apollo is formed by a dynamic and energetic team with big ambitions that has managed to become a market leader in a short period of time.

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*Considering that on average, scooters get a flat tire every 6 months, and tires have a life span of 2 to 3 years. 

** According to MotorScooterGuide, these are the safest methods to prevent theft. By incorporating all three of them, the chances of theft are “very slim”.  

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