Returns & Refunds

How can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled within the 14 day return policy. The 14 day count starts on the date of delivery, not the date of purchase.

If you would like to cancel your order, simply email us at with your order number and reason for cancellation. If the order has not been shipped yet, we will be able to process your refund immediately.

If the order has already shipped, but not yet reached you, you will need to wait until the delivery is complete. We will then send you a return shipping label which will need to be taped onto the box, and the box dropped off at Purolator/UPS/Canada Post (depending on the label). Customers will be asked to cover return shipping charges.

If you already received your scooter, but would like to return it within the 14 day return policy window, the same steps will apply. Following your return request email, you will receive a shipping label. The label must be attached to the box and the box dropped off at the corresponding courier's drop-off point. Customers will be asked to cover return shipping charges.

All returned scooters must be in brand new condition and come with all original components of the box. All returns will be subject to an inspection at the Apollo warehouse. If anything is missing or the scooter is damaged, there may be additional charges:

Visual/Aesthetic Damage - for example scratches or dirt. A flat cleaning fee of $100CAD applies to returned units that require cleaning. A representative of the Apollo team will perform a fair assessment of the resale value of the scooter. The difference between the original sale price and the resale value will be subtracted from the refund to customer. As reference, a scooter with 5-30KM on the odometer can be resold for 80% of market value.

Missing Charger - depending on the model, the value varies from $29 to $149. Please check the spare parts section for a better idea of prices.

Missing Manual - a flat re-printing fee of $10 will be applied.

Missing Tools/Allen Keys - a flat fee of $5 will be applied.

Please note that if you are cancelling your order due to a better offer from a competitor, let us know and we will be able to match it (if the same conditions apply, such as bundles or bulk discounts).

My scooter is having issues and I want to return it.

The majority problems are covered by warranty, so prior to returning your scooter, let us know what's wrong and we will do our best to help. You can contact our technical support team here. Please note that if we receive this request after the 14 day return policy period, we will honour our warranty policy and help you fix the problem, but we will not be able to accept the return.