Apollo Pro Early Access Apollo Pro Early Access

Apollo Pro Early Access

We hope you have been enjoying your experience with your Apollo Pro so far.

In this page you will be able to find and up-to-date description of bugs we have detected and what action you should take.

Please consult this page regularly & reach out to customer service should you have any questions or concerns.

Last Updated: September 21st

General information

  • Program requirements

    Remember that there are three things required from all Early Access Program participants:

    1. Ride 500km in 45 days from the day that you register your Apollo Pro on the app.

    IMPORTANT: You need to record your rides for us to be able to verify that you have in fact travelled 500km.

    2. Attend 2 focus groups

    3. Complete all in app surveys. NOTE: In-app surveys are now available.

    Here are the links to download the App for Android or for iOs

  • Program Kickoff!

    We hope you are as excited as us about the kickoff of the Apollo Pro Early Access Program! The first order of business is to book your focus group sessions using the links below.

    As a reminder, to be reimbursed for your $500 deposit, you must attend one session of Focus Group 1 and one session of Focus Group 2, as outlined in the Agreement. The deadline to sign up for both of your focus group sessions is August 11th at noon EST. Lastly, a quick reminder that the 45 days of the program begin on August 7th.

    To book your focus Group 1 Session click here

    To book your focus Group 2 Session click here

  • How to submit feedback and get support

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team at probeta@apolloscooters.co or by clicking here

  • Apollo Pro UGC Program

    Participate in this content-sharing opportunity as part of our Apollo Pro Early Beta Testers community and get rewarded with exclusive merch! Click here to learn more.

  • User Agreement Reminder

    We simply want to remind you about the importance of complying with the user agreement that was agreed to during the sign-up process. Any breach of the agreement could result in the termination of the agreement which could lead to the forfeit of the deposit and require a return of the unit according to our standard return policy. We want to remind you that sharing any information about the program or the unit is prohibited, such as posting to social media or sharing on public forums.

How to use this page

  • Review the list

    Below is a complete list of hardware and software bugs and issues we have detected. Please review it thoroughly to understand how you might be impacted.

  • Experiencing a problem not listed?

    If you would like to report an issue we have not mentioned, please do so by reporting it through email.

Pro Beta Bugs and fixes

  • Random Flashing Light

    A recent update to the IoT has caused the deck lights to start flashing even when the scooter is off & to lose the GPS functionalities.

    To solve this:

    - Please disconnect your IoT to avoid any damage to your controller. To learn how to disconnect your controller watch this video.

    If you have identified any issues resulting from the flashing lights, please reach out for support.

  • Speaker Bug

    The Pro bluetooth speaker causes some handlebar functions to become unresponsive when receiving or making a phone call when a mobile phone is connected.

    To solve this:

    A firmware update of the display’s controller is required. Avoid using your phone while scooting until you have the updated firmware. Reach out for support.

  • IoT View

    The IoT view and IoT features in the app are not ready yet. We will be releasing these features via an app update next week. IOT view is now available with the app update. all testers should have received a Beta access for either IOS or Android

    To solve this:

    - If you still don't have the IoT view, please reach out to the ProBeta support team.

  • Loose Drum Brakes

    Issue 1: We have received reports of that some of the Apollo Pro scooters have been delivered with loose drum brakes.

    To solve this:

    Please make sure to check and adjust your drum brakes before using your Apollo Pro for the first time. Watch this video to learn how to adjust your drum brakes.

    Issue 2: We have also received reports that the brake line is too long which makes the brake come loose even when tightened to a maximum.

    To solve this:

    Please reach out to replace your unit

  • Front Suspension Bushing

    Not all scooters have the front lower suspension bushings installed, this will cause the front suspension to wear out much faster. While not a catastrophic failure, it may make the front pin loose resulting in a clicking noise.

    To solve this:

    Users should have already received their replacement bushings and should start making appointments at a Certified Shop an Apollo Hub for repairs. For participants in LA & NYC - this should not be an issue since all scooters are being verified before pickups.

    Watch this video to learn how to fix your front suspension bushing.

  • Front Suspension Pins

    Some scooters have a shorter front lower suspension pin.

    To solve this:

    We will be sharing a video on how to change the pin with all participants.

    Customers will have the option to service these units at an Apollo Hub or a Certified Shop.

  • Controller Name

    We've noticed that some controllers on the some Apollo Pro Beta's have the label MACH 1 on them. Rest assured this is just a printing error and all controllers are in fact MACH 2.