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Within the electric scooter realm, the innovation that has come to market in the past 3 years has been extraordinary. The two famous scooters that started this entire trend were the Xiaomi M365 and the Segway Ninebot ES2, today used by Lime and Bird as scooter services worldwide. However, with limited speeds of 25km/h on those models, we wanted to provide our customers with the option of something bigger, better and faster – introducing the Mercane WideWheel, aka “The Beast!”.

Mercane Widewheel Folded E-Scooter

The WideWheel provides the ultimate riding experience for consumers looking for the freedom of cruising around in a stylish, powerful and all terrain commute – this scooter can take on hills for breakfast! The high-powered and foldable electric scooter has a high efficiency Lithium-Ion battery that guarentees strong acceleration, top speeds of 35km/h and a 30km distance on a single charge!

Mercane Widewheel Tire Rim

The WideWheel is available in two variants:

  • Single 500W motor with its 8.8Ah battery (30km distance)
  • Dual Motor (500W each, total of 1000W), with a 13.2Ah battery (45km claimed)

Here’s a preview of our beautiful WideWheels (yes, they do look like the scooter Batman would own) - and you can Buy Now here!

Mercane Widewheel Portable Scooter Foldable

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